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Star Citizen's Arena Commander Module Delayed Due to Bugs

Star Citizen Star Citizen

Star Citizen’s Arena Commander dogfighting module was due to be out today, but was delayed due to bugs, making some gamers uneasy about their backing of the game. Star Citizen is a project of Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame and has managed to gain over $44 million in funding from backers of the game, making it the biggest crowd funded game, ever. Here’s a short video that explains the game and what they’re trying to accomplish by creating this game. their development path essentially releases the game in modules, moving from one aspect of the game to another, ultimately building up to the final and finished product while still giving gamers an opportunity to play with what’s been developed so far. Right now, people only have space ships and hangars to play with but they can’t actually fly them out and do anything with them.

As for the Arena Commander itself, the footage below (starting at 9:25) will give you an idea of what the gameplay will look like when they finally decide to release it. It is honorable of the Star Citizen team to not release this module until it is completely ready because a lot of people have paid a lot of money for this game and there’s no denying that they want to have a functional game when they want to play it.

Especially after watching the footage below, it would make total sense that anyone would be eagerly awaiting to play the Arena Commander module of Star Citizen, a nod to Wing Commander. This will be one small aspect of the whole Star Citizen universe and will enable gamers to interact with each other in less than peaceful ways while keeping the game interesting and fun.

Additionally, you can drop $225 on an RSI (Roberts Space Industries) Constellation ship and buy yourself into the game with a pretty nice ship. But you can also buy lesser ships for $60 and still be able to enjoy access to Star Citizen and buy into better experiences with different upgrades and such. Ultimately, this game has almost unlimited potential and people’s creativity is the only limiting factor. Because they are using CryEngine 4 they are also going to support AMD’s Mantle which makes this game very capable and likely to run very well on almost any hardware.

It will be interesting to see how this game develops over the course of the next year or two, but as of right now they’re dealing with some major bugs and they clearly want to make sure they’re ironed out before they let people hop into Star Citizen and start dog fighting with each other.