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HTC One M8 Review: Nearly Perfect, Again.

HTC One M8 HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Review – Verizon Branded Edition

I wanted to start out this review by saying that I went into it expecting HTC to repeat kind of what they did with the HTC One M7. In many aspects, they certainly did and in others they fell into the very same trap that most of their competitors have. Obviously, everyone’s expectations shape how they initially perceive and ultimately judge a device. We saw that with countless smartphones before (Galaxy S5) and will likely see the same again (iPhone 6). Our own expectations sometimes get the best of us and the rumormill certainly feeds those expectations all the way up until the device becomes official.

Now, the HTC One M8 first and foremost has decidedly one of the worst names for a smartphone ever. However, HTC managed to bury themselves so deeply inside of a marketing hole before the HTC One M8 ever landed that they effectively forced themselves to call it the HTC One M8. Why? Because they launched the HTC One X before they launched the HTC One S and both of those came before the HTC One. I don’t particularly like Apple’s naming scheme, but damnit it makes good sense and the simplicity of it keeps consumers focused and understanding what they’re being sold. That way, when they go into a store to ask for a certain device they (and even more importantly, the sales people) are not confused. Obviously, the HTC One X should have been called the HTC One, followed by the HTC One S which should have been called the One A (it had an aluminum body). Once they had established the One brand of phones (as a sub brand of HTC) they could call the HTC One the HTC One S and then the HTC One M8 the HTC One X. Those naming schemes albeit more complicated than Apples, make sense.


Now that I’ve gotten over the poor name of the phone, let’s move on to the device itself and the hardware it sports. The HTC One M8 like its predecessor, the M7 has a full aluminum body with a curved back which allows for a more natural feel on the hand of the user. It also has two front-facing speakers (no longer branded Beats) which are now branded as ‘Boom Sound’ and subjectively speaking they sound even better than the HTC One M7’s. HTC has also backed that up by saying they’re louder but the truth is that they’re just better than what was already quite awesome.


HTC also made a perfect decision once again with the HTC One M8 by deciding to go with a very high quality front-facing 5MP camera with a very wide viewing angle. This allows for really good ‘selfies’ and the camera software in the HTC One M8 actually has a ‘selfie’ mode. Sure, this may make some people cringe, but the truth is that the selfie is a cultural phenomenon and they recognize this. Now, the real question is whether this selfie generation will realize that this is hands down the best phone for a selfie currently in existence.

HTC also opted to once again go for a 1080P screen, but this time they opted for a 5” screen instead of the 4.7” screen on the HTC One M7. This obviously results in a ‘lower’ pixel density than the M7, but to almost anyone the qualitative difference is unrecognizable. It is also important to recognize that the resolution of the display is still lower than anything either of the cameras are capable of creating meaning that images will still look just as great on it. Below, we’ve got images of the HTC One M8 and M7 side by side, its clearly a bit longer.

DSC_0057 DSC_0053 DSC_0050

Now that I’ve talked a ton about everything on the smartphone except for the most interesting part, the primary camera and depth sensor, let’s get to it. HTC decided that they wanted to innovate in their photography (as they have been doing for ever) with the addition of a depth sensor. The reason why this is theoretically a fantastic idea is because it allows you to capture the depth data of an image at the same time as you capture the image. This allows you to ‘focus’ anywhere you want on the image after you’ve taken the image or to make the entire image be in focus. Considering how many blurry photos people still take, this is a pretty good idea, except for the fact that HTC decided to do away with their OIS in the same breath that they added the depth sensor. This means that in low light you are much more likely to get a blurry image or if you hands are a bit shaky you could also introduce blurriness through ‘camera shake’. LG and Nokia have resolved this by building some really impressive OIS systems to allow for longer exposures and way smoother video. Because HTC did away with OIS in the M8 (the M7 had it) any sort of movement in a video results in a much shakier video when compared to a Lumia 1020 or LG G2.


The depth camera can also be used for a multitude of things, like depth mapping a room (see project Tango) and plenty of things that we haven’t even thought of yet. That’s why HTC said that they were opening up the depth sensor to developers to use in their applications, but the truth is that there aren’t any apps out yet that utilize this feature (sure, it’s only been a little less than 2 months). Having a depth sensor should theoretically significantly improve Augmented Reality functionality and could make the HTC One M8 one of the most interesting cameras ever made. When the camera first came out, there was talk of a Lytro-like capability (U-Focus) but the truth is that U-Focus still needs a lot of work in order to be anywhere as good as Lytro. Nevertheless, it is still a cool feature and the 3D-effect is still an incredibly amusing one to show friends and usually gets people pretty excited about the phone.


The HTC One M8 side by side with the Nexus 5

Now, in terms of taking photos, HTC has decided to stick with the Ultrapixel sensor which many people have criticized them for considering how many people disliked the previous one. I have extensively used both the HTC One M7 and the HTC One M8 and I can tell you that even though they are very similar on paper they are very different in practice. First and foremost, the new sensor (and accompanying software) has significantly less low-light noise, almost to the degree where it isn’t visible. On the HTC One M7 HTC actually had to issue a firmware update to fix the noise on the camera because it would get stuck in an ISO boosting loop that would result in grainy images. In fact, it would even do this occasionally during the day in very well lit conditions resulting in some unnecessarily noisy photos.



The HTC One M7 was especially bad at grays and low-light in terms of noise, even after the fix. The HTC One M8, for the most part has ironed these problems out with the occasional noisy photo here or there. In addition to that, the HTC One M8’s camera feels even faster than the M7’s, which was already the speed demon of smartphone cameras. The HTC One M8 also seems focus a bit more quickly and accurately than the M7 did, which is likely due to the fact that it has a depth sensor to assist in accurately finding the right focal distance. All of this results in some fantastic light speed photography that can only be matched if a competitor’s camera is used in burst mode. The HTC One M8 simply catches moments that pass other cameras by, even in today’s super-high-end camera smartphone world. Sure, the Lumia 1020’s camera is probably the best that the world has ever seen, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is slow. If you care about getting ‘that photo’ the HTC One M8 is ‘that phone’.

HTC One M8 and HTC One M7

Side by side comparison of HTC One M7 (left) and M8 (right) compared side by side with no flash.

HTC One M8 and HTC One M7

The HTC One M7 (Below) and HTC One M8 (above) compared side by side with no flash.

In terms of video, like we had mentioned earlier, it definitely seemed to have some issues with stabilization when walking and recording a video, but if the video taker has steady hands the videos themselves look great. We’ve included a few video samples so you can see how the HTC One M8 handles various types of movement and action.

In the below video, you can see how it handles being at a baseball game, the microphones are incredibly good at capturing audio and high speed video, however there is a bit of shakiness from being hand held.

Additionally, you can watch what it is like to get video from the HTC One M8 when walking up stairs, lets just say its better not to take videos while walking up stairs, unlike with the Lumia 1020.

Now, in terms of camera software, HTC has done some interesting things by creating simple modes to switch between different camera features. Those features are normally something that you would have to poke around inside of a menu in most smartphones, but HTC decided to make them 6 different camera modes. Those modes are:Camera, Selfie, Video, Zoe, Pan 360, Dual Capture  . To me, the most redundant mode is the ‘Selfie’ one because you can actually get into that mode from the default camera mode by simply swiping sideways and activating the front-facing camera, which I believe is a great feature.

Now that we’ve covered most of the components and some of the software, I wanted to cover the software improvements outside of the camera that HTC has made. For those that know, HTC uses their own software overlay on top of Android to ‘customize’ the experience. This is known as Sense or Sense UI, and HTC is currently in their 6th iteration of Sense with the HTC One M8 and has already started to release it to the HTC One M7 as they had promised they would. And because they brilliantly decided to ‘unbundle’ it from the OS itself, they allow for Sense to be regularly updated through the Play Store, which means they don’t have to wait on the carriers to deploy updates like they did in the past.

In terms of Sense 6 itself, it doesn’t feel wildly different from Sense 5.5 (make sure that’s what the M7 ran). However, the problems that the M7 had with the Blinkfeed part of Sense appear to have been fixed now that it supports vastly more social feeds and custom user feeds. I didn’t really find myself using Blinkfeed or making it my default page in Sense, but I did find myself using it much more than I had on the M7. Blinkfeed feels a lot like what Microsoft has done with their Metro UI but without the same level of customization or functionality.

There is one last thing about the HTC M8 that we wanted to talk about was the performance. The HTC One M8 was one of the first phones that came out with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which was officially announced at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, which we covered. Now, in terms of architecture and performance, the Snapdragon 801 is like a faster Snapdragon 800 with an improved imaging pipeline, hence the 801 name. There is also a Snapdragon 805 which we recently benchmarked in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 MDP (Mobile Development Platform) which is essentially their reference platform for developers and OEMs.

In our benchmarking we found that HTC was blatantly cheating in the benchmarks by boosting the phone’s clock speeds even further whenever a benchmarking application was detected. We talked about this when it was originally discovered shortly after the phone’s launch, but we now have actual numbers to share with you and how the Snapdragon 801 performs against the Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 805. And frankly, our results are quite disgusting and when I originally saw the results I thought that it was basically pointless to even benchmark this phone. If you look at the below benchmarks, you will see that the HTC One M8 with the Snapdragon 801 is magically as fast or faster than a Snapdragon 805 which is not only clocked higher but also has a significantly more powerful GPU, which would make such 3DMark, Vellamo and Geekbench scores seem as ridiculous as they are.

3DMarkIcestormUnlimited Vellamo GeekBench3

So, HTC, you should be ashamed for what you’ve done and I believe that you guys should remove this performance ‘feature’ and own up to the real performance of the phone. Yes, Samsung did it, but they owned up to it and now they are playing nice again, and so should you.

Once again, the HTC One M8 is the best phone that HTC has ever made, and sure it has some faults but the phone for the most part is nearly flawless out of the box. That’s something that the HTC One M7 simply couldn’t say, and hopefully that reflects in the HTC One M8’s sales. Unfortunately for HTC, however, Samsung is a marketing mega monster and will just throw money at the problem and LG just announced the LG G3 which has an insane 2560 x 1440 display and what could arguably be a better camera.


But, in the end, the HTC One M8 is still a much better looking phone than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, and it feels like a quality device in your hands. If there’s a phone that can get people to convert from iPhones over to Android phones it’s going to be the HTC One M8. The real question is whether or not HTC knows that and how they’re going to utilize all of the One M8’s strengths to make up for their naming blunder. We’ve already seen that HTC is marketing the M8 better than they did the M7, but since the launch it doesn’t seem like they’ve done much. All of their major competitors have shown their hands and now it’s time for HTC to capitalize on that, otherwise their future is going to seriously be in question (how many times can we say that?).

Also, I would have happily given HTC an award for the HTC One M8 considering how great quality it is, and how it manages to yet again to elevate the bar for an Android phone. However, because they decided to cheat on their benchmarks, they’ve disqualified themselves from winning any awards with this phone, sadly.

  • Jordan Sookikian

    The One M8 is one of the sleeker phones on the market right now. I have an iPhone 5S which is okay for the time being, but the One M8 has much better hardware, including the camera. My iPhone can’t take pictures at night, but the One M8 does a fantastic job with it, I’d love to win one

  • Michael Hale

    So many great features on it. The one that stands out for me that alot of companies seem to neglect is the front firing speakers. I currently have a Galaxy Rush…. Its easy to see why I would want the M8…

  • Ray Yamada

    I like the HTC One M8 because of the camera and also the dual front speakers. I tend to cover up my speaker on the Nexus 5 when I’m watching videos. I currently have the Nexus 5.

  • Michael Kehoe

    I have an iPhone 4s, and my favorite thing about the M8 is that it’s not an iPhone.

  • I love the HTC One M8. The aluminum shell gives it that premium feel and Sense 6 is a tremendous improvement over the older versions. It would be replacing my Prepay Verizon Moto G (HTC One M7 took a swim…). Although the Moto G is a great budget phone, it doesn’t hold a candle to a real powerhouse.

  • Chung-i Wang

    I have an SGS 3 and the M8 seems to bring all the great aspects from my current phone over with major improvements in ability, longevity and quality. If it were not for my magically malfunctioning power button I probably would keep my current phone but regardless, this seems like the perfect chance to upgrade to a new and improved affordable replacement phone. HTC seems to be stepping it up a bit these days and I am taking notice.

  • Justin

    I currently own an LG G2 and by comparison the M8 seems leaps and bounds the better phone. From construction (materials) to ingenuity, the M8 has completely sparked my interest. Hopefully the phone will head this way so that I can “unlock” it’s true potential 😉

  • Adam Alvarado

    I have a Note 3, but the wife needs a new phone VERY badly!

  • Alex Ploukidhs

    I ALWAYS wanted a loud and super fast smartphone with that style just perfect

  • Jackson

    I would love to give Android another try…and HTC phones are nice, a few days ago, I fixed my neighbors One mini.The last Android I owned was a Samsung captivate. and my friend TJ keeps hating on me for using Apple…my current is the iPhone 5s black 16gb for AT&T.

  • Reyvie Funte

    I have a Brick Nokia….Yep like the ones from the early 200’s Yeah I still have that. An upgrade to an M8 will be just mind boggling. How so? First the camera. The fact that it has 3d capability already destroys my non existent camera phone in my Nokia. Games? Hell I have Tetris while the M8 has a unfathomable apps just for Flappy Bird Knock offs. Speakers look mighty fancy and according to your review it boasts a helluva sound. My Nokia only makes beeps and boops and it gets tiring after while. Geek Bench? Come on now I feel like a Geek still owning a Nokia brick phone at this time of age. Although one thing for sure what I love about my Nokia phone is it’s durability. I dropped this brick of a phone like it’s hot and it is still king of all phones. I dont need no OtterCase IT IS the Cases for all Otters. Anyways It would really be lovely to actually own one of these Bad Boys. Keep up the good work fellas. Yall do a great job.

  • Kelemvor

    Other than the less than stellar name, what’s not to love about the M8? I’m particularly fond of the large 1080p screen and fast processor on this phone. My current device is a Verizon Motrola Droid Bionic which was one of the early dual core 4g phones they sold. It’s long past time for an upgrade, so choose one of your more vocal supporters for this contest!

  • Kurt Jenney

    I would like this M8 to replace my not as intriguing Nexus 4.

  • Neil Tomlinson

    What I love about the M8 is the combination of amazing build quality and those crazy boom sound speakers….really makes it hard to beat…at least in my eyes. I’m using an Apple iPhone 4S.

  • Kyle Fraser

    Love HTC as a company, last 3 phones have been HTC and not had one complaint. I’ve currently got a HTC Sensation XE and I’m looking to get a HTC One M8 because it would be a massive step up performance and speed wise.

  • Craig Fender

    I love the HTC One phones because they have the most elegant physical designs and some slick, minimal software with their Sense package. I currently own the HTC One M7, and previously the HTC One X+. I would love the upgrade with the bigger screen and faster processor. I am on AT&T.

  • Branden Jew

    Exciting new tech! Nice review.

  • facedown41

    Everything I read makes it look like this is the phone to beat. HTC has always gone with more interesting design choices than samsung and I applaud them for that, it definitely works out for them now. This would be a nice replacement to my current Galaxy S3.

  • Garren Mcgaugh

    Very nice looking phone with a great feature set, I would tell you what phone I would replace it with if I had one at the moment lol.

  • Kristen Mcclary

    what i like most about this phone is the HTC Advantage i always end up cracking my screen and knowing that when i do they will fix it for free is definitely a relief i also like the forward facing speakers

  • Chris

    The HTC one M8 is definitely a great phone from a great company. I have always wanted a HTC phone since they came out with the Beats edition but for some reason or another I was never able to get one. What I love about this phone: Forward facing speakers, large hd screen with great pixel density, definitely one of the best built phones out there!! You can tell right away the quality of the phone. I also love the idea and all the tech behind the camera and I would love to be able to take nice photos of all my flights around So-Cal. Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I currently own a samsung galaxy s2 lol. I know right, I’m like 3 generations behind.

  • Steven Chhan

    Ever since the HTC One (M7) came out, I thought it was the turning point for Android. I loved the quality of an iPhone, but loved the Android OS. The M7 brought the best of both worlds into one awesome package. I couldn’t agree more with the title for this review. “Nearly Perfect, Again.” The M8 brought subtle changes, yet significant enough to make it a worthy upgrade from any phone. I love the camera quality, the screen is outstanding, and the speakers are just genius. I would love to have this phone!

    Thanks BSN and good luck to all.
    (P.S. Unlocked version please ;))

  • Cenarl

    I’m using an older Blackberry 9700 and the HTC would definitely be a big upgrade. WIth good specs, uncommonly nice speakers, and a sleek frame, this phone fills up a lot of the biggest checkboxes, the camera also seems very impressive from the review.

  • Chump

    I love my HTC One M8! The speakers are amazing for all my Netflix/youtube viewing. The phone is super quick with no lag that I’ve noticed in my first weeks of use. The build is leaps and bounds the best available right. It certainly looks and feels like a million dollars and inspires me every time I pick it up.

  • Jesus pineda

    I have a galaxy s and I would love to own a HTC m8 it would be a big upgrade. The htc m8 really caught my attention. It’s a unique beautiful phone and htc did a great job with it. Keep it up !!! 🙂

  • Vedran Mušica

    Metal unibody, great screen, excellent specs are making this phone stand out of the crowd of bunch of phones that are similar to each other, yet with different logo. This is truly the One.

  • Tony Yang

    I love the speakers. Dale has one and I’m honestly pretty jealous of it. My current phone is a Nexus one.

  • papajohnny

    My current phone is a Droid Maxx. Love the build quality of the M8. It is the mercedes of phone!

  • Evan

    I have a dumb phone, it’s an LG Extravert 2 and well… Ever since my ipod was stolen I’ve really hated having a basic phone. I can’t check facebook, my email, or any other app that you can think of because my current phone although it can access internet does not have a current enough browser for any website. I like the M8 because of it’s sleek and stylish aluminum body. The speakers are amazing and the large screen makes it easy to view webpages such as forums that are really long. Plus it can play any game you can get on it with ease!

  • ernie

    my very first smart phone was an HTC vivid. having a family of apl Iphoke users, made me realize i made the right choice! hearing my family members complain about their phone, and the numerous times they dropped and broke their phones. i must have dropped my phone 747383 times & still works perfectly lol. 3 months ago i was excited to finally purchase the HTC m8 and use my ATT 2 yr upgrade, until i realized i changed my plan online and lost my free upgrade = i didnt have yhe money to purchase the phone full price. read all the reviews for the HTC m8 and read nothing but greay feedbacks. love all the new specs. great camera especially since i have a photography page.Love the sound audio since i use my phone as a music player. fast processor, love the metal sleek new look. The new look definitely makes the phone look very expensive & elegant. My current phone is 3/4 years old and the HTC m8 would be a great upgrade for me. Please pick me as a winnet for the HTC M8 unlock for ATT. thank you!

  • turbonut20v

    Before the m8 rolled out I had the predecessor to the new aluminum styling of the one series, the HTC butterfly (DNA with Verizon). It had the s4 pro krait snapdragon and the first 5″ 1080p screen, it was glorious. The one series new BoomSound speakers and aluminum body could only add to the experience, I’ve used the m8 before, unlike my aging HTC butterfly the m8 didn’t skip a beat, it was smooth in almost every way, I’ve not used a ultra pixel camera so the pics it took in low light were extremely impressive to me, it outshines the DNA in every conceivable way, including screen quality. Having sd storage as a option is also a big plus as apps and image resolutions get bigger and bigger, the 16gb in the DNA was hardly enough. The m8 is a quality flagship. A device upgrade for me is not an option as I still have unlimited data through Verizon otherwise I’d have the m8 by now, and it would be some time till I can afford another device at full retail, till then I can and still do enjoy my HTC DNA.

  • Alex Kreedman

    My first smartphone was an HTC Evo and since then I have been hooked on HTC as a brand. My favorite things about the HTC One M8 has to be the improvement over the M7 on physical design and build quality. If it only had a little bit better camera then it would be the perfect phone for 2014.

  • Jesse McGrory

    I currently have a HTC One X. I’m most interested in the Snapdragon 801 processor for the HTC One M8.

  • AndroidNinja4

    The HTC One M8 is amazing. They only thing I would change about this is to make the camera at least a 8mp or a little higher. I want one so bad though. Its screen is very nice and also it feels amazing to hold in hand. I love HTC for creating great builds. I currently have the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Yes I know its 2 years old, but the phone works great. I haven’t had a problem with it. Its time for an upgrade thought. Have been an HTC Fan since the HTC Hero and I have had 4 HTC phones so far. I love everything about this and the HTC One M8 is no exception.

  • Patrick Ramos Cummins

    My current phone (before I lost it) was a Galaxy S1. I’ve always been a fan of the HTC starting from DNA, but I really like the aluminum styling with the curved back and the speakers since I tend play songs through my phone while driving.

  • Chris Bongard

    I currently have an iPhone 5 and have toyed with the idea of going “Android”. I love the build quality and true performance that HTC has packed in this phone and would love to have one.

  • NeilGeorge

    Wife has currently a Samsung GS3. Would love to give her this phone because of the quality of pictures that the camera can take. Love that the speakers are in the front as well so the kids can listen to music from youtube clearly.

  • Spencer Tillson

    I’d love to have the M8, my M7’s speakers are busted and those BoomSound speakers could come in handy. Plus, I prefer the feel of the aluminum backing of the M8, feels much more solid in your hand.

  • MarkWmDwyer

    I like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, actually I like everything about the HTC One M8 compared to the Samsung SGH-a157 for AT&T that I have now. I didn’t get the SGH-a157 for the model # name neither.

  • Julian Huynh

    I do really like the looks of the HTC One M8… it’s a lot sleeker than my current phone, that being the Samsung Galaxy S4. Also seems like the HTC One M8 takes some pretty good photos as well. It might be time to jump off the bandwagon and try something new.

  • Nathan Gargano

    Man! The HTC One M8 has that nice metal finish and looks a lot nicer than my broken Galaxy S4. Good luck to all!

  • I currently have a Nokia Lumia 822. I am in love with how great the HTC One M8 takes pictures and video! It is really amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing piece of equipment!

  • HTC is a brand of quality and has a why. I am currently using the Droid Maxx 2013 edition and it is a nice device but when I look at the m8 I see a master piece full of life and radiance. Especially since I love watching movies the front speakers are the best of its kind

  • I like the HTC One M8 because of the dual front speakers i cant hear nuttin on samsung s2

  • The HTC One M8 is pure perfection. With its nice, smooth all-metal back, you have a good looking phone and are protected, too! From what I’ve heard, the battery life and camera are fantastic. Being a developer myself (I compile ROMs and search for #MirrorEnabler), having a device with these specs would make my day. Currently, I have a crappy old Verizon flip phone that is beginning to show its age. All of the rubber parts of it have fallen off and I cannot participate in group messages, but I can read them (you have no idea the torture that is. Having 100s of notifications that you can’t respond to). I would be very happy to win this amazing device from Bright Side of News. 🙂

  • I love the fact that it’s such a solid device in both hardware and software. The Dot View case is a pretty cool factor too! I currently have the One max and love it.. once the M8 comes in a larger size I’ll be all over it.

  • I like the HTC One M8 because of its impeccable build quality. As much as I love the Nexus 5 (my current phone), the M8 just has a premium look and feel.

  • I do love the grey of the HTC One M8.

  • I currently have a terribly outdated Kyocera echo (uh, yeah… Please don’t laugh, too hard!). My sister has an HTC One and I really like its usability, speed ( snapdragon rules ) and the amazing display. It is time for me to move to the upper echelon in mobile phones and this would sure be a sweet way to do that! Thanks for the chance!

  • I currently use the Samsung Galaxy s4 and I really like the HTC one m8 because of the front facing speakers. The S4 sucks because I always put the phone down and can NEVER hear when it rings if I put it on any type of fabric or anything that the phone rest in.

  • I have the HTC M7 as much as I love this phone the camera could be better. Reading the review it sounds like it will be better in some areas yet worse at same time. I am older and shake so losing that portion of phone is sad. I take a lot of pictures. The snapdragon is awesome and for this ole’ Gal that is exciting to see. Have been using computers since early 80s and over the years Snapdragon has been by far my must haves. Having a year yet on my Verizon contact it will be interesting to see what progress HTC makes.

  • I like the way it looks best. I have a sanyo mirro flip phone, I call it retro but it’s really just ancient tech.

  • I love the HTC One M8. It has a neat look.I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 but I would love to try the HTC One M8!

  • I currently on a Samsung Galaxy SIII had the phone for nearly 2 1/2 years and would love to upgrade my phone but the kids keep taking my upgrades. I am currently on the Verizon network. The HTC M8 design look awesome would love to use it.

  • I have a nokia windows phone.. Im not impressed with windows. I know my way around android or ios better. I really like the camera on the HTC i was looking at the pictures above and would love to have better pic quality. That eas quite a good write up by the way.. Im in for an upgrade soon.. I might give this a go..

  • I purchased M7 day one in the stores, and still feel the awesomeness in it after even more than a year. I want the M8 desperately. And I love the gold version of it.

  • Been jonesing for the HTC One M8 because of it’s sleek design, beefy quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and awesome 1080p display. My HTC Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon) was the bomb diggity 3 years ago, it’s a dinosaur now… compared to the M8.

  • Chirag Sthalekar

    I love the looks and the hardware of the HTC one M8. I think the camera is great and would love to replace my iphone4 with this phone.

  • Been reading reviews online and was impressed with 9 or 10 stars from every user. I feel like tossing my Note 2 already. HTC One M8 performs lightning speed at every task it performs, better camera and the boomsound is amazing. Cant wait to own one and show my family and friends I have a much better phone than them.

  • The One (M8) is amazing for its build quality, it’s front facing stereo speakers. I have a Nexus 5 but HTC One M8 bests it

  • This was an excellent review! I think the naming convention point was right on. Also think the issue where the OIS has been removed is really pretty lame of HTC. Nonetheless I’d take the free phone.

  • I think my favorite part of the M8, is probably the audio features. The fact it can push enough power for Studio Can (in my case Beyerdrynamic DT770 Pros). Though a close second is the metal body+MicroSD card.

    That and I use T-Mobile and generally have used a Nexus phone so I have never been able to use the WiFi calling feature.

    My current phone is a Moto X 16GB.

  • I have always wanted to own this phone since my boss let me look at his. After researching it, I can honestly say it’s the very best out there! I currently own a Verizon Moto G phone.

  • My favorite feature of the htc one is the u focus camera. I think it’s so cool how HTC is pioneering such an interesting feature. If you would have asked somebody 3 years ago if they thought a phone would have the feature they would have most likely said no.

  • Im loving the sleek look and the camera sounds fantastic! Im phoneless at the moment since my son broke my phone. 🙁

  • I currently do not have a cellphone. As far as features, I like the aluminum body of the phone, the speakers, as well as the camera, and the video quality of the phone.

  • I’ve never owned an HTC, but the design of the One M8 looks excellent. I would love to have the chance!

  • I’ve never owned an HTC, but the design of the One M8 looks excellent. I would love to have the chance! I currently have the Moto X.

  • HTC One M8 looks amazing and has a very good camera. It will be a huge upgrade compared to my nokia lumia on t-mobile.

  • It’s just a well built phone, I have an s3 and this will be a great upgrade. Specially I would like to try the camera.

  • What I like about the HTC One(M8) in contrast to my Galaxy S3: timely OS updates, front-facing BoomSound speakers, and a quality camera in low-light conditions.

  • Jonathan L

    HTC One M8 is easily the best looking Android phone on the market. Even compared to my Apple iPhone 5, the HTC One M8 is a much more solid phone.

  • My favorite thing about the HTC One M8 is the 5″ screen. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been holding down the fort with an iPhone 4S (screen is so small) but I had a Galaxy S4 Active for about a year before it got flushed in an adventure. lol Missing that bigger screen which made it easier to read my eBooks. And those night photos are impressive! Having a camera like that would be great for capturing fun moments from concert/clubbing/dive bar nights. Cheers!

  • I want the HTC m8 because of the on screen button. Currently owned a iphone4

  • Awesome! I have an iPhone 5 and I am way overdue for an upgrade. The One M8 is the best looking phone on the market, hands down. Best sound, best all around. I’m feeling lucky! Please pick me, please…

  • I like the M8 for the new Snapdragon CPU. I have an M7 now, and the M8 improves on it in all the right ways.

  • Currently using a WIndows 928 on Verizon. I would love this phone because of the awesome pics and accessiblity to great apps.

  • Love the front facing speaker so I don’t have to “cup” my hand on the back side of my Samsung S4 to have better sound! 🙂

  • Currently on an iphone 4s that is going spacey right now. I love the camera and speakers and the aluminum case

  • Being an avid fan of loud music, the front facing speakers look amazing! Plus the screen is bigger than my current phone, much better for Netflix marathons of Orange is the New Black!

  • I would love to upgrade to an android device from the iphone. All of the camera features would blow my 4s out of the water. I also like the sleek design of the M8.

  • I like the BoomSound speakers

  • I like the construction of the M8 and the front facing speakers.
    Current phone is a Samsung S3 VZW.

  • Anand

    I own HTC One currently. I am very happy with the device itself but looking at M8 review it seems mobile experience could get even better. The camera/video/multimedia enhancements are definitely things of my interest. The image/video quality shown in the samples is simply excellent. I might not need to carry my camera at all. Also Snapdragons performance for mobile/modem is nothing to be spoken about! Very good review overall however I would have loved to see more performance related data (especially for readers unaware about Snapdragon processors it would have made more sense).

  • What an amazing looking phone. It sure looks fishy that they show the 801’s performance capabilities to be as good as that of the 805

  • As far as quality goes, the new HTC one M8 is one of the best built phones of its time, using only the latest and greatest technologies to ultimately provide users with fast processing speeds complimented with the durability that so many other mobile devices lack. The new snapdragon 801 processors are proving to extremely unique and efficient providing a top notch experience for the everyday user. Definitely a leap, from the Samsung galaxy s3, in every aspect.

  • It’s so shiny!

  • I like the HTC One M8 for the camera and the build of the phone. I currently have a blu advance 4.0 which was a really cheap phone for me to buy, but it isn’t that good. I also love the speakers on the HTC One M8

  • Gary Haylock

    I like the way it looks, I like the review, Hmmmm, just not sure if I would give to my son or keep it and give him my Nexus 5…

  • 1.Design is very impressive
    2.Fast processor
    3.Excellent quality in audio and camera
    4.No lagging when we open max no.of applications.
    5.Home screen HTC scene is quite impressive look to the phone

  • from the review above It’s sound that M8 has all the way better than my NEXUS 5 🙂 but i still grateful and love my NEXUS 5. Thanks for review.

  • I love the size and resolution of the screen, the sleek design, clean optics and snappy speed of the HTC One M8. This is a phone that can do it all. It has a chance to pry me away from the iPhone 5.

  • this phone is perfect.
    what I like about HTC is that they think about every aspect of the phone’s daily usage.
    they leave nothing for chance.
    the speed is incredible, the touch is highly sensitive, the display is one of the best out there, the camera is very good (could be a bit better though), and I like the battery saving mode.
    even the sound is heavenly. the back looks like it will sit much more comfortably in your hand than other phones.
    they give you the best of everything, not like other companies which never thinks of certain things.
    really hope this could be my next phone

  • I have a Droid Maxx right now. I like the fast processor and 1080p screen on the HTC One M8.

  • A few of my favorite features of this beast is the full aluminum body and the snappy processor. I’m currently on an old iphone 4 because I broke my HTC 8x. I hate iPhones!!

  • Wow, that’s a pretty awesome phone! I used to have a Motorola Droid, but currently have an older iPhone. The aluminum body, amazing picture and video capabilities, big and clear screen and fast processor could get me to leave the iPhone family!

  • I forgot to mention that I’m a #selfie addict!

  • This is one awesome phone! I love absolutely love the sound quality of the speakers, super speedy processor, and the alumium body.

  • Loved this review – But, in the end, the HTC One M8 is still a much better looking phone than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, and it feels like a quality device in your hands.

  • Luke

    The dual-camera design and Qualcomm SnapDragon 801 on the HTC One M8 are very cool! And I love the new wrap-around aluminum body. I have the original HTC One M7 on AT&T and the aluminum on the front is slowly separating from the sides. The new gap-less design perfects the M7’s minor design flaw.

  • I have a Nexus 4, which works pretty good, but the camera is definitely lacking, plus it does not have LTE. Does the M8 come in a version to support T-Mobile?

  • I like just about everything about the M8. I am nervous about the camera, though. I currently use a Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Ivan92116

    I like the design of the phone, especially the aluminum body.
    I currently have a Galaxy Note II.

  • The improved picture quality is great.
    The new 801 CPU is good, but I also find it disgusting that they made the CPU perform artificially better when it detected a benchmark program running. Thanks for picking up on this and reporting it.

  • I want the HTC One M8 because I think that the camera and the screen is awesome. I currently do not have a phone.

  • my very first smart phone was an HTC vivid. having a family of apl Iphoke users, made me realize i made the right choice! hearing my family members complain about their phone, and the numerous times they dropped and broke their phones. i must have dropped my phone 747383 times & still works perfectly lol. 3 months ago i was excited to finally purchase the HTC m8 and use my ATT 2 yr upgrade, until i realized i changed my plan online and lost my free upgrade = i didnt have yhe money to purchase the phone full price. read all the reviews for the HTC m8 and read nothing but greay feedbacks. love all the new specs. great camera especially since i have a photography page.Love the sound audio since i use my phone as a music player. fast processor, love the metal sleek new look. The new look definitely makes the phone look very expensive & elegant. My current phone is 3/4 years old and the HTC m8 would be a great upgrade for me. Please pick me as a winnet for the HTC M8 unlock for ATT. thank you!

  • I currently have the Pantech Discover (A relatively unknown phone) , and I would have to say that it was one of the worst devices I bought. The HTC M8 would be an awesome replacement because it honestly looks fantastic. Looks like a fighter jet to me.

  • Luke S

    The HTC One M8 is the coolest looking phone on the market right now. The full aluminum body is my favorite part. No other phone feels as sleek and premium to me. And Qualcomm’s blazing fast Snapdragon 801 running behind the scenes makes this phone perfect! I’m currently using an HTC One M7, but would love to upgrade!

  • I love the new M8 for its cameras. I wonder what new things third party developers will come up with. I currently have an iPhone 5S.

  • This phone feels very solid compare to my galaxy note 2 which is very plasticky. I love how htc discreetly packs all the feature like 5MP front facing camera, or boom sound speakers. I think this phone is the coolest Android phone in 2014.

  • I love the metallic body (especially the gun metal color), and the bigger screen compared to the last HTC One model.

  • I’ve been stuck with an iPhone 4s for quite some time now waiting for “the right” android phone to come along. I think this might be the one. I’m ready to test drive the snap dragon, and I’d love to get a finger or two on the depth sensor camera. Lots of room for devlopement fun there!

  • HTC One M8 is definitely the benchmark for new phones coming out. The feel one gets holding the HTC one is unbeatable. I am having M7 and it has been one of the best phones I have ever used. I have no doubt that M8 will be even better.

  • One of my very first ever smart phone was an HTC vivid which I currently have now. I was recently due to a 2 year plan upgrade & was excited to purchase my HTC one m8 as I have read reviews about the phone. I’ve owned an HTC & never looked back. I been a loyal HTC customer ever since. As I was planning on purchasing the phone I recently found out since I changed my phone plan online it took awhile my eligibility for the upgrade =[ now I can not afford the phone at its full price so now I’m still currently using my HTC vivid. I have always loved HTC phones for their durability, as most friends & family members I know have iPhones & the numerous times their phones break, have issues & need to replace their phones, while I never had issues with mine. One of my friends recently got an HTC one m8 played with it and loved it even more. As I like photography I fell on love with HTC m8 camera! Great quality, takes good pictures in dim, dark lighting & the vibrant colors of the photo making it looks crisp & clear. The speakers were also a big plus for me with their sound quality since I use my phone as my go to music player. I especially like the overall look and feel of the phone, with its grey, metallic colors giving it a sleek very expensive look. & the hardware is even better! Love that HTC also made changes to their battery life. I hope to own one of these HTC one m8 for myself in the near future. Im crossing my fingers I’m one of your giveaway winners. Thanks!

  • I love the HTC One M8. Beautiful screen and very slim .I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 but I would love to try the HTC One M8!

  • I like that the casing is made of metal. It feels sturdier than my galaxy s3. Also the camera looks like it blows mine out of the water.

  • The HTC One M8 is absolutely gorgeous and the best phone on the market today. I’d love to win one to replace my ancient HTC Evo 3D. It’s on it’s last legs!

  • I like the large speakers on the HTC M8

  • I like the HTC One m8 because of its great design esthetic and powerful system specs. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S2 from t-mobile that on its last legs, and a free upgrade would be amazing.

  • Here’s the deal:

    I’ve got a Note 3, and it’s cool. On my other lines I’ve got a HTC One XL, and a broken Nokia 1020.

    I passed on the HTC to my daughter, and got the Note 3. The camera sorta sucks. It’s gimmicky, slow and compresses the photos too much on the cam.

    Considering I just got this phone, I’m sorta fooked.

    SO, let me tell you how awesome my daughter is, and what phone SHE likes.

    She’s awesome. She personally told me that BSN was the greatest site ever , and if she wasn’t 9, she’d probably think Anshel Sag would be a perfect man for her. I wouldn’t allow it, but I would consider Anshel Sag giving me a phone and passing on my personal phone to her as a token of his gratitude. She loves my phone and the fact that she can draw me pics and send them to me over a text message by using the stylus. She could care less about a camera.

    So, you’re not only helping me with a really awesome phone (preferably of the AT&T provider type *cough*), but you would be helping my daughter learn to be a comic book artist instead of that stupid princess she’s always talking about.

    Let’s let her find out that reality pays off, and give her dad a great phone. One made of machined aluminum and all that is man. Let HER see that there is some omnipotent universe controlling her thoughts and dreams of receiving a phablet in return for her old One XL.

    Do this for Love, and society so that ONE DAY, you can see that she made it as an architect and because YOU made it possible, you can die happy.


    Send me the M8, (AT&T)

    I love you.

    P.S. You’re welcome.

  • I was moments away from buying the m8, but decided at the last minute to be frugal and ride out this Galaxy s3 a while longer. The power/display button either shorts out or doesnt work, the screen is shattered, the OS is frozen from updates because of a botched root attempt, GPS is broken, and the phone is laggy as hell.

    The M8 has the build quality, screen size, and speed that I want in my next phone. The OS beats touchwiz by a mile and camera has great color and effects. All it needs is waterproofing, otherwise there is no better phone right now!

  • The M8 is sleek, machined aluminum and has top notch hardware. A phone that feels and performs like one in its tier should. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a broken, but functional screen – definitely looking to upgrade soon. The quality camera is a big selling point for me as well.

  • I’d like the M8 cux my wife really needs a new phone! She currently has the Galaxy Nexus. She takes tons of pics and could really make good use of the super-zoomy camera of the M8! 🙂

  • The camera is probably a step up from my Galaxy S5, which is utterly horrible in low light and has horrible barrel distortion on the front facing camera. Plus the large screen and front facing speakers would probably be great for watching porn.

  • Hey Anshel!

    I’m entering because I would like a phone that is global-ready (I may be spending a semester studying in Japan next summer, or the one after). An M8 would make it easy to hook up with Docomo or Softbank!

    Also, my contract with Verizon is still about 4 years old, so I still have unlimited data! If I provide my own phone, I won’t have to update my contract, and will be able to resume unlimited data!

    Plus, my birthday is July 26th 😉


  • I currently own the Samsung stratosphere 2 and well it’s a piece of shit! I would love to win the HTC One M8 because it is infinitely better than what I have! It is made of metal and has an awesome camera which is much more than I can say about my phone. 😀

  • Chris M.

    I have the M7 — I want to upgrade to the M8 because if it is 12.5% better than the M7 (as the one point version increase would indicate) then it’s got to be one bada$$mofo.

  • Why do I want to win the HTC One M8? I’ll keep it simple. One, because of the speed and how i’ve heard it never skips a beat. Two, because I like the look of the metal body on the HTC One M8 along with the large 5in 1080p screen. Three, because I have a iPhone 4s which I’m sure you know is over two years old, runs on 3g, doesn’t have the best camera anymore and is slow.

  • I like the HTC ?8 for the dual front speakers. My current phone is the Samsung Nexus on Verizon. The speaker is very quiet and on the back so usually is covered by my hand. With a new phone I will be able take advantage of movie watching. Also an upgraded camera from my phone. Always loved HTC for their products and would love to use a flagship phone!

  • Sandy Bruce

    I have always liked HTC phones starting with the G1. It was a huge step for Smart phones and set the stage for the battle we see today. I continued using HTC devices up until the HD2. The software gave me fits. The hardware was amazing. The Hd2 was every phone hackers dream. Every phone Os and even Ubuntu could be flashed to it. After the HD2 every phone looked the same, the UI was a memory hog. I had to make a switch but I have kept a piece of my heart for HTC. I have watched and waited for them to reclaim the days of awesomeness.

    IIt came with the release of the HTC One. omg what a beautiful device it was. I was still afraid to dump my current device for fear of getting burnt. I watched on the sidelines as the reviews came in.

    Now the M8 is around and I don’t think I will be able to resist much longer HTC has made a device that is as close to perfect as anyone has gotten. Sexy curves, crisp screen, powerful for any game and sound to complete the fantasy. Oh how I have missed you HTC. Will you ever take me back after all I have done? All of the other devices I held at night. Will you ever forgive me? I’m ready to try this love again. I will give away my current LG G2. To a child with sticky gross fingers to smear the screen with cheese doodles and boogers. Just say yes and I’ll come running to you!

    HTC Love forever,

    Sandy Bruce

  • I am not going to lie, I was the so called “Apple guy.” Using iPhones for multiple years now, I never bothered to look at Androids. IOS was manageable given that my phone was jailbroken, but what really kept me away was the aesthetics of most Androids. This changed when HTC released the M7 and now the M8. With a full aluminum body and just the right amount of curves, HTC is a sure winner. Not only is the HTC one M8 built well, the phone’s low light camera quality surpasses that of my iPhone. I am ready to embrace a new change and hope to be one of the giveaway winners! Thanks BSN =]

  • AWU

    This is a logical upgrade to my 2 year old HTC One S with T-Mobile the great grandfather to this phone! I’d love to continue using HTC as it’s been the only handset manufacturer I’ve used for the past 5 years and I don’t intend to change my habits.

  • It looks like an extremely versatile phone for a college student like me. I’d absolutely love to have one to replace my very aging HTC Amaze, which was one of the first phones to tout smartphone camera abilities and Zero Shutter Lag.

  • Isaiah Cundangan

    II want this phone because of the camera and the cpu. Snapdragon 801?! Who doesnt want that? Haha. My current mobile is xiaomi Mi3.

  • Alyssa Cornelius

    I currently have a Galaxy S4 with a cracked screen (which happened the first week I had it). I would love to win the HTC! Not only for the incomparable upgrade but the camera of the HTC takes amazing pictures so I wouldn’t have drag my digital camera around anymore. I am interested to play with all the camera options such as two tone flash. The speakers are also MUCH better than my current which will be great for when I listen to music which I do often. It will be a nice change to upgrade!

    PS Love the detailed review! 🙂

  • the htc one m8 exceeded expectations and tore though everything we throw at it scoring a whooping 25035 in quadrant
    and the best sounding front facing speakers ever on a device

    battery life was outstanding for a non removable battery and the camera was great i would love to win this device it would replace my galaxy s3 witch i will donate to a good cause
    technowarriors editors choice 10/10

    pow right in the kisser ZOOM BANG

    nick bartel

    my youtube channel www,

  • Has nice features and looks amazing!

  • So many great features, I can’t pick one. But the design is the huge stand out for me. It just looks so good. The metallic body, gorgeous.

  • On the One M8, I like the camera, and the innovations it brings to the game. I also like that it is slightly smaller than the One M7, which is the phone I have. I fancy myself as a photography hobbyist, and I am always taking pictures and video using a combination of DSLM cameras and my HTC One (M7). The camera on the M8 seems to be much better in low light, which is the biggest issue I have with the M7’s camera. (video is still excellent though, I love that 120fps slow-mo)

  • When the smartphone revolution came, they were all pretty poor and finding the best out of them was tricky.
    Now it’s the other way as, battery life aside, most of those unleashed are flawless in so many ways, and HTC is right at the head of that list.
    The design is the huge win here – not one person I showed the phone too didn’t hold it for a while and comment on the weight and feel, before being impressed by the screen quality. This is the sort of reaction I’ve only ever seen for iPhones before, and like them or loathe them, Apple’s devices are a good barometer of quality.
    I’m happy with the battery improvements, I like my re-focused shots and they’ll look great on social media. The Boomsound speakers are better, HTC has thrown in some clever new apps and overall, the entire device is much better than the phone I really liked from last year.
    Adding in a microSD slot is great, as while it doesn’t really make a difference to many there are some die-hards that won’t buy a phone without one. Also being able to take as many pictures, Zoes and videos without worrying about filling up the space was really nice.
    Even the alarm clock is improved – taking another problem off the table from last year.

    I have a NEXUS 4.

  • Chucked my buggy Windows Phone 8, been stuck with a less-than-“Bold” BlackBerry in months of late.
    This HTC? I’d take it on a date.
    I’d loan it to friends, but only at a high rate.
    My deflated ego might re-inflate…
    Why not when you’re the object of iPhowner hate? (That kind of glee is simply innate.)
    This HTC will be a clean slate, maybe save me from a CrackBerry fate…
    I’d watch what I ate, download some apps to track my weight, read a Kindle book at the millionth airport gate…
    Hell, I might even give up old habits, not masterb8!
    I’ll be too busy naming my new companion. Nate. No, Tate! Or maybe she’d be a she, named something classic — a Kate.
    Whatever the name, as the Aussies say… this HTC fellow would be my M8.

  • I was struggling to make a decision between the HTC One and the Nexus in the past, but seeing how fantastic the HTC One M8 is and how great of display it is, coupled with solid battery life which I feel is a bit lacking with my Nexus 5, I would love to get my hands on the HTC One M8! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am a loyal Samsung fan when it comes to smart phones. I have used the Galaxy S1 and upgraded to Galaxy note 2 right when it was released. I liked them so much that my whole family and a large number of friends now converted from Apple iphones to samsung.

    Now, HTC M8 is the first HTC phone that interests me.

    First of all, the metal construction is similar to slick iphones except the edges are smooth – I like that for comfort and style. Although I enjoy the large screen of Note 2 very much, plasticky build quality never really gave me an assurance of quality. Also, the big screen does have a trade off in size of the phone as sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to keep it in my pocket. I believe 5 inch screen will be plenty and will provide me with greater comfort and portability. I expect speaker sound quality to be better on the HTC and as an avid photographer, I can always use a better camera.

  • Pretty much tired of Samsung and Apple, Motorola just cannot keep up; Nokia is happily married to Microsoft, Sony Xperia ….. been thinking about it but being a minimum wage working class hero to afford a new phone is like costing me 3 years of dog food. Hopefully this will be going to be my first HTC product, especially the HTC One M8. It will be interesting if I managed to be the luckiest son of a gun on the planet to be selected as a winner (AT&T Unlocked).

    I have heard of many good things about this HTC One M8 from being one of the best mobile phone of the century to purely extraterrestrial technology. The superior sound of HTC BoomSound technology can even be heard in a Galaxy far, far away. Some even said the recent detected earthquake was the effect of BoomSound base.

    As for the awesome camera it has UltraPixels which allow capturing 300% more light, rumors been circulating around that someone captured a few UFOs racing around space from light years away.

    If I really get selected, this is what I will do for the awesomeness of this BSN community – being a 220 lbs slightly gorgeous looking Asian man and the phone I am using now is one of the limited piece of collection ~CUTE~ (will definitely post the phone IF …)

    I will definitely post my broken Samsung Galaxy S3, with all parts dissected and a cute picture of our little teacup poodle taken with HTC One M8

    Going around the world with this phone is definitely a plus and an eyes catching piece of jewelry. Mostly people will be seeing me carrying this phone around Starbucks, airports, strip clubs, fancy lounge, expensive restaurant, Walmart, Costco, DMV, post office, banks, golf course, casinos, ski resorts and many imaginable locations.

    We love you BSN 🙂

  • German Lopez

    What happened to all the comments? Im pretty sure i commented on this article in reference to the giveaway.

    • You did, we had to switch back to Disqus because of Spam and because for some reason Disqus was disabled for one reason or another and we had to merge comments and such.

  • jugg

    Now that I’ve gotten over the poor name of the phone, let’s move on to the device itself and the hardware it sports. The HTC One M8 like its predecessor, the M7 has a full aluminum body with a curved back which allows for a more natural feel on the hand of the user. It also has two front-facing speakers (no longer branded Beats) which are now branded as ‘Boom Sound’ and subjectively speaking they sound even better than the HTC One M7’s. HTC has also backed that up by saying they’re louder but the truth is that they’re just better than what was already quite awesome.

  • jugg

    Now that I’ve gotten over the poor name of the phone, let’s move on to the device itself and the hardware it sports. The HTC One M8 like its predecessor, the M7 has a full aluminum body with a curved back which allows for a more natural feel on the hand of the user. It also has two front-facing speakers (no longer branded Beats) which are now branded as ‘Boom Sound’ and subjectively speaking they sound even better than the HTC One M7’s. HTC has also backed that up by saying they’re louder but the truth is that they’re just better than what was already quite awesome.

  • Tanner Beal

    I love my m7 so freaking much!!!! But I think it’s time for an upgrade, this whole phone design is a dream come true, it’s faster, far more sleek,
    feels better in the hand , and is just the best phone out there, it’s got the nice feel of an iPhone, but the coustomability of a galaxy. Not only is it the best of both worlds, but it
    completely trumps the competition!