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Luis Suarez Pacman Remake – Biteman Game

Well, it appears as though Luis Suarez’s infamous bite seen around the world has already been made into a game called Biteman with a few modifications to the popular Pacman game. The game is called Biteman and is designed to mock the fact that Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini during a completely unprovoked attack. If you didn’t see the bite, we’ve got a nice GIF image for you to see where he clearly bites his opponent. And this isn’t the first time Suarez has bitten an opponent while playing, in fact, this is the third time he’s done such a thing. Previously he’s bitten opponents while with Ajax and Manchester City clubs.

The ESPN guys break down all of his instances of biting other players and as of right now, Suarez stands to get anywhere between a 2 game and a 2 year suspension, with the latter seeming far more reasonable considering that this is his third offense and soccer is not a blood sport where people bite each other. Heck, people don’t bite each other in UFC and that’s the most violent sport we televise today.

The game itself is quite addicting, much like the original Pacman, except they’ve swapped out ghosts for refs and Pacman for Suarez. You go around the map eating/biting mini Chiellinis and get points for doing so and then once you bite a pair of glasses the refs are blind and slow and you can eat them. Clearly, this is a commentary on the situation and the state of the game and someone thought it would be funny to mock Suarez and his complete and utter desire to bite the hell out of his opponents.