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Samsung Bashes Apple Where It Hurts, in New Ad

As Samsung always does, sometimes very well and sometimes horrifically, they like to advertise their products. It has without a doubt had a massive impact on the company’s image and virtually turned all Android smartphones and smartwatches into Samsung devices in the eyes of the layman. Most people nowadays just decide between two brands for the most part, Samsung or Apple. Sure, it makes things easier and there are plenty of other phones out there, like HTC’s One M8, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people think in a binary nature.

So, it comes as no surprise that Samsung followed up one of their most successful advertisements bashing Apple with yet another one that bashed Apple where it hurts, battery life. Their original bashing commercial made Apple’s iPhone seem old and tired compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 which had a bigger screen and LTE which the Apple devices didn’t yet. So, they were obviously trying to bash Apple where it hurt back then and they’re repeating the same formula this time but by bashing them on battery life. This is likely because Samsung knows that Apple will be releasing devices with larger screens, as rumored and will probably suffer from the same battery life issues of┬áthe current generation. A lot of people do get pretty good battery life out of their iPhones, but there’s also no denying that I’ve seen dozens of people with iPhones charging them in any wall socket they can find, more so than ANY other smartphone users I’ve ever seen.

Samsung is clearly trying to capitalize here on what people see every day while going out and traveling. The ironic part is that most of the people that are searching for power plugs are likely going to have to do the same with any Android phone they get, it just happens that they’re currently iPhone users. Also, using something like a Mophie juicepack case would also aleviate this problem which is one of the reasons why you don’t see as many people walking around with their chargers like they used to. However, this still means that Apple fundamentally has a power issue and that you have to make your iPhone twice as thick and MUCH uglier just so that you can get a full day out of the device.

  • Kelemvor

    The ironic part is that most of the people that are searching for power
    plugs are likely going to have to do the same with any Android phone
    they get

    Or, as the commercial pointed out.. they can just change the battery and be good to go. Replacement OEM Samsung batteries for the S5 are a whopping $10.

    • Anton Nekhaenko

      It’s awesome but how are you supposed to charge it? People normally charge overnight, they just can’t be bothered to wake up at 2 in the morning to swap batteries to charge the other one.

  • Anton Nekhaenko

    Another ironic part is that iPhone offers roughly the same battery life off a battery that’s half the size.

  • evolucion8

    Good. I am a Galaxy S3 International user and I am not happy with the battery life.

    • Anton Nekhaenko

      Exynos… ‘Nuff said.

      • evolucion8

        Yup, I love its performance, more responsive than my Tegra 3 powered Nexus 7 on all senses, but while idle’s battery life is good, heavy tasks and stuff makes the chip to up to 50C and the phone gets hot.

  • ifan

    I’m upset with the new samsung commercial. They keep trashing apple and it’s so low like honestly just advertise your product and leave, don’t bring apple into it. They are just jealous that apple is wayyyyy better and will always be #1 because even though a lot of adults like samsung, most teenagers and kids like the iPhone because if it’s easy features and nicer layout. I was on my moms samsung phone and was literally sitting there for an hour trying to text because the keyboard is so complicated and weird. I realized that the samsung phones and iPhones are exactly alike but the layout is different. Samsung needs to stop complaining that they’ll never be as good as apple and just advertise their goddamn product like nobody cares about the iPhone when it’s supposed to be a samsung commercial. You don’t see apple trashing anyone els because their too good for that and don’t need that crap. I never used to dislike samsung but this is the last straw. I’ve seen about 5 different commercials from samsung that trashes apple products. It’s just lame for you samsung. You can do better. (Probably not)