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HTC One M8 BSN* Snapdragon Giveaway

Snapdragon Dragon Snapdragon Dragon

As a continuation of our 5th anniversary celebrations this year and our partnerships with various companies in our industry, we are introducing a giveaway to our readers that tops all of our others. We are giving away two HTC One M8 smartphones thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, which this phone currently uses as its applications processor in the Snapdragon 801. If you’d like to learn more about the Snapdragon 801’s performance or the HTC One M8 that we’ve reviewed we recommend you check out our review.

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8

In order to participate in this review, you must be a legal resident of the United States and Washington D.C. and complete one simple task. That task is to leave a comment on our review of the HTC One M8 telling us why you like the HTC One M8 so much and what phone you currently have. Since this promotion is limited to the United States only, we are providing two HTC One M8s to our readers, with the first person getting priority of which HTC One M8 they will chose. We have done this because unfortunately not all people are on the same carriers and not all versions of the HTC One M8 will work on the same network. As such, we are trying to cover as many people as possible and will be giving away one HTC One M8 for Verizon and an unlocked one which will work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

The contest will begin at 12:00 pm PST on July 9th and run until July 23rd at 11:59 pm. Contest winners will be posted within 24 hours and they must claim their prize within 48 hours of the winner being posted. We wish all of you the best of luck in our contest and hopefully you will be enjoying a new HTC One M8 fairly shortly.

  • Marc Molella

    As a current HTC One M8 user, I am assisting my family in the transition from i devices. This phone would be donated to one of my family members to upgrade their existing phone being that they cannot afford to do so.

    • corkeh

      You commented on the wrong article.

      I’d be all over this if you were giving away the sprint version, but oh well 🙁

    • So wait, they can afford iPhones, yet they cannot afford the HTC One M8?

  • Best of luck to US readers 🙂 This is one hell of a device.

  • I currently have a terribly outdated Kyocera echo (uh, yeah… Please don’t laugh, too hard!). My sister has an HTC One and I really like its usability, speed ( snapdragon rules ) and the amazing display. It is time for me to move to the upper echelon in mobile phones and this would sure be a sweet way to do that! Thanks for the chance!

  • I like that the M8 has a 5MP front facing camera and a larger 5″ screen. I also like the video taking improvements. I would like to win the unlocked HTC M8. Thanks

  • Really love that brushed aluminum finish. I also really want to try out Sense 6, I feel that its the best skin out there

  • Sammy

    I would really love getting an HTC one m8 because my family doesn’t have a lot of money and can’t afford to get me a smartphone and I am a really big HTC fan.

  • Hi my name is Janna and I would really love if I could have an HTC one m8 because my family can’t afford to get me a smartphone.

  • Hi my name is Zaher and I would really love if I could get a free HTC one m8 because my family can’t afford to get me a snart phone.

  • I love the screen size and the look of the phone. I have an alcatell one touch

  • I have a HTC One M8.

    The phone’s design , size , unique metallic body , camera (front an back) are fantastic and outstanding of all the existing smart phones.
    Also the battery recharges super fast.

  • Gary Haylock

    I like the looks, I like the reviews, Hmmmm, not sure if I would give to my son or give him my Nexus 5, and keep it…

  • I like the HTC one so much because it has an amazing camera, it has so much features and large screen, I have never heard someone complaining about an HTC it’s amazing inside and out from battery life to the smooth fancy skin it amazes me with all honesty. I have always been a humongous fan of HTC, I love it.
    My first phone was and still is an HTC one X.

  • I love the power of snapdragon in a upgrade to last years best phone. the new HTCO m8 is the future now

  • I love the power of snapdragon in a upgrade to last years best phone. the new HTC m8 is the future now. I currently have the Samsung s4 that has lots of glitches due to a Carrier update. the power of the snapdragon 801 will handle anything I can throw at it and I know my phone will be fast for many years to come. It will easily take the phone of the year again.

    • i currently have ATT and would love the unlocked one to upgrade my s4 and get rid of all the glitches it has dropping calls and not switching wifi to cell.

  • Luke S

    The dual-camera design and Qualcomm SnapDragon 801 on the HTC One M8 are very cool! And I love the new wrap-around aluminum body. I have the original HTC One M7 on AT&T and the aluminum on the front is slowly separating from the sides. The new gap-less design perfects the M7′s minor design flaw.

  • Wow why I love the HTC One M8. I could list hundreds of reasons why I love this phone and I want it.
    1) The power and speed of Snapdragon 801 and its improvements over the 800. The phone is super fast and not drinking battery.
    2) the crystal clear 5″ screen gives me lots of screen space in full 1080 HD. I could read book, watch movies, play games and even show off my latest presentation at work with out having to squint my eyes.
    3) the Camera. They improved all the downsides of the M7 making this camera one of the best on a phone. Lots of great picture modes ( not sure about the Selfie but hey its what the kids want)
    4) it runs Android ( its the best OS on the market)
    5) all aluminum body. great for strength of the phone from drops and looks awesome. no more flimsy plastic cases.
    6) its HTC a pioneer in the Android world. Top of the line.

    I love so much about this phone its hard to say just one. I would love to win this phone and replace my HTC one. 🙂

  • Steven MacNeil

    I currently have the HTC Droid and I like the phone. Your review of HTC One M8 really makes we want to upgrade! I really like that this phone has the Snapdragon 801 processor!

  • I really am astonished with the Htc one m8 because, I’m looking at reviews and I’m amazed by the features, the camera, and the sleek design. Most importantly, the improved battery life of this phone would be perfect for me. I’m currently using the htc one m7, I use this phone for practically everything and it really has made a difference in my life! I would be so grateful if i could get this new and improved htc one m8!

  • I only got a phone a year ago, butmy family couldn’t afford a nice phone so I got a really outdated nexus. I have been saving myself to get a better phone but as of now I only have $95. I don’t bring my phone out because I am embarrassed about my phone. All my friends have htc , iphones , and galaxies. I would really apriciate winning this phone beascause as of now I won’t be getting a new phone for a couple of years. Please consider me to be the winner and thank you for reading my message.

  • I would love to get an upgrade to better front cam, back cam, speakers, PROCESSOR, aluminum body..etc.. I like everything about this phone.

    • Sorry for the typo with the name*

  • I have an HTC M7 and am in love with the HTC design language the M8 seems to be a step in the right direction. Would love to pass this phone to my wife to get ride of her iphone !

  • My Son, who is an avid electronics person, referred me to ‘liking’ the Bridge Side of News website, as he says it’s the only source I need If I want to read about what phone I should chose for my next upgrade. And he was absolutely right!

    I am currently on a family plan and due for an upgrade by August as I’m still currently with the first Samsung Note. I genuinely love this phone, as looks (obviously I’m a lady) along with great screen and style of the phone are so important to me, and that is what the HTC One M8 has. Beautiful display, beautifully made steel/aluminum body, and the ability to run all my required entertainment and social applications. Being a big music person, I use headphones and speakers day in and day out, and reading into your review and praise of the speakers on this device, I can tell I would have no need to buy external speakers as the M8 speakers should be more than I could ask for for home use. Lastly, the camera on the HTC M8 looks unique and amazing quality as well, would go very well for taking pictures of my 6 month old grandson! (from my son whom referred your site) Would be such a big camera upgrade from the Samsung Note camera, thank so much for the chance!

  • Ahh, well, my 2006 Motorola is getting a bit old! :0)

  • Dash Sams

    i really need a phone pleasee