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VAIO Now Officially Open for Business

Sony’s spun-off VAIO line is now ready to sell its first PCs.

Previously sold off by Sony to Japan Industrial Partners earlier this February 2014, the VAIO brand has been recently resurrected as a new company. The new VAIO company officially declared its establishment last month, also resurrecting the VAIO Fit and VAIO Pro, two of the central product lineups of the brand before its dissolution.

The new company had just finished the official inauguration of its business operations yesterday. The opening ceremonies included a brief announcement of the new company’s plan road map, and its long term objectives.

In a campaign that the company dubs as the “Azumino Finish”, VAIO declares to “create products that not only focus on quality, but also on the user’s overall experience, delivering a level of service which guarantees the satisfaction of its customers”.

Initially, the plan calls for the continuation of the distribution and shipping of VAIO Pro 11/13 and VAIO Fit 15E. Production will be via overseas ODM, and final inspection will take place at its central headquarters in Azumino, in Nagano prefecture. Later this year and into the future however, VAIO plans to eventually shell out its very first own product lineup as a new company.

VAIO plans to distribute several of its new PC products at different tech stores across Japan by the end of the week for display and exhibtion. Talks are also underway to re-include the company’s products at Sony’s e-store, though this time under a different company of course.

Still no word yet about VAIO’s plans to expand business operations outside Japan however.