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Apple Delisted From China Government’s Approved Vendor’s List

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The Chinese market continues to sour for US technology companies as China’s government has removed another from its approved list procurement vendors for government purchases.

According to a report from Bloomberg, 10 Apple products — including the iPad Air, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — have been dropped from July’s procurement list of approved products. If Bloomberg’s report proves to be correct, Apple would have joined the ranks of Symantec and Microsoft which have both been barred from government procurement over tension from cyber espionage allegations and fears of possible backdoors for US electronic eavesdropping.

While Apple will not be barred entirely from China, if the is true, Chinese state owned enterprises — most major players in key sectors like telecommunication, finance, energy and construction — will be barred from purchasing Apple products. These major enterprises, that have balance sheets flush with cash, represent a sizable potential market for any technology company.

While state media will hype allegations of US technology companies being an arm of the greater American intelligence industrial complex, most China watchers believe that this is another campaign by China’s government to bolster domestic industry.=

Apple has not publicly commented on the issue.