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The Mac Versus PC Ad-War Makes a Return in Surface Pro 3 Campaign

The Surface Pro 3 with Pen The Surface Pro 3 with Pen

The “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ad campaign is a nostalgic staple of mid-2000s television advertising. It marked an era of Apple’s aggressive growth under Steve Jobs, and Microsoft was caught stumbling. At the time it seemed like Apple’s products were getting better and better, while Microsoft left with trying to market an unsexy and unappealing Windows Vista and equally unsexy and unappealing notebooks.

Now Microsoft is bringing that style of ad back with a new campaign highlighting the virtues of the Surface Pro 3 compared to Apple’s Macbook Air. Microsoft has targeted the Macbook Air before with trade-in campaigns, but this is the first time Microsoft has targeted the Surface Pro 3 directly in an ad campaign.

Microsoft is planning on bringing the Surface Pro 3 to 25 international markets on August 28, and it looks like the company is serious about taking a bite out of Apple’s market share of the ultraportable notebook segment.