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Japanese Summer is all Beaches and Tablets for Lenovo

Lenovo surfs the hot waves of Japanese summer with a marketing idea combining beaches and tablets.

Summers in Japan may be notoriously hot, but it is one of the better reasons for people to hit the beaches there. In fact, Lenovo’s latest marketing strategy in Japan rides on this very notion, with a little familiar twist of course. If you’re already used to iPads as food menus, then the idea may already be quite familiar, though this may offer something  a bit more.

The Lenovo House Beach Marche, as it is called, looks like an unassuming little beach house plastered with Lenovo flags and tarps that is currently located somewhere around Japan’s Yuigahama Beach in Kamakura City. From a distance, it may look like a special company event booth, but once you take a step inside, you’ll instantly realize that it’s a tech-stylized beach restaurant.

Each of the Yoga Tablet 8 units that are placed on the tables can be used for the shop’s “Beach Concierge” service, letting you order food, snacks and drinks from a custom menu. If you’re not up for a snack yet, there are other units that can be used for simple Wi-Fi internet browsing, giving beachgoers a general firsthand experience using the Yoga Tablet units.

Aside from showcasing the Yoga Tablets, the shop also has a photomosaic booth, where interested customers can stop by for a free instant photomosaic snapshot. As it is promotional event after all, small PR events are to be scheduled at the place from time to time during the event’s period. There are even upcoming Beach Yoga events there, because apparently you can’t just get one Yoga Tablet without showing off the real thing.

The choice to specifically use the Yoga Tablet 8 in their marketing is for course no accident. Aside from its relatively easy usability and handiness, 7-inch tablets and other models with similarly-sized form factors are actually enjoying a considerable level of popularity in Japan’s tablet market for the past few years.

The Lenovo House Beach Marche is open to all potential customers till the end of August.