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Fujitsu Boosts Business Data Analytics with QlikView

Fujitsu’s business analysis machine is now enhanced with a new business intelligence tool.

Fujitsu Limited had just announced its plans to use QlikView starting this mid-August. The business intelligence tool will be embedded to the company’s currently used big data solution, and will be provided as an enhancement data analysis model for future business operations.

For those who are not familiar with QlikView, it is a software tool developed by Pennsylvania-based data virtualization products company Qlik Technologies. The interface of the software provides easily viewable business data, while being visually presented in a way so as not to look too complex to the average user. It is currently used by many business organizations worldwide due to its combination of intuitiveness and ease of use.

Fujitsu’s decision to integrate the business software was a strategy to provide a quicker user interface to non-specialized marketing and sales departments. The company believes that the software can give a level of assistance that would be vital in quicker decision making in regards to major business strategies and operations. Its rapid deployment and use, combined with its ability to enable all-around solutions without the need to rely on professional business analysis solutions, makes it the perfect machine to accelerate Fujitsu’s business further.

For ordinary consumers, this means two things. One, Fujitsu training services will be boosted with QlikView, and will include easy tutorials for interested trainees on how to use the software for business analysis. Second, is that Fujitsu itself would start marketing and selling QlikView as its official distributor. The software may be purchased through the company by interested individuals for their own business analysis.