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HTC Storms Japan with New Flagship Phone

HTC hits the shores of Japan with an announcement of its brand new flagship phone.

HTC’s new J Butterfly, the latest flagship smartphone by the Taiwanese tech company, finally takes off in Japan officially just a few days ago. It was introduced during the HTC Conference 2014, and it is currently set to enter the Japanese tech market under a KDDI carrier subscription.


The new J Butterfly (HTL23) smartphone is highly compared to the previous HTC One (M8), due to the model sharing many of its common features. It has a 5-inch 1080p superLCD3 screen for example, and will also be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor. It does however have quite a few distinct features that would separate it from its predecessor, most notably its upcoming 13-megapixel DuoCamera (the M8 only has the 4-megapixel version).


For its release in the Land of the Rising Sun, the new J Butterfly will have a few other extra features, such as a particle-proof plastic exterior, as well as mobile wallet support. It would also have a few typical Japanese phone features such as infrared connectivity and TV tuner options.

While the HTC Conference Tokyo 2014 officially presented some of the new features and specs that will be available on the new J Butterfly, the introduction of the model itself may perhaps be more than just an announcement. It can be technically considered as HTC’s declaration of its plan to challenge one of the most difficult to penetrate tech markets in the world. Despite the huge success of iPhones and other smartphones in Japan, universal adoption of smartphones as a mobile device (as opposed to a mobile phone) has been actually quite slow, due to the fact that cellular phones in Japan usually require registration to a plethora of different mobile services (which are not limited to telecommunications).

Specifically for the new J Butterfly, it would need to at least exceed the first J Butterfly (HTL21), which was the very first mobile phone the company introduced in Japan last December 2012.

  • gadget_hero

    well shit, thats the camera the HTC One M8 should have shipped with…lol