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Back to School 2014 Buying Guide: Budget TVs

Classrooms at schools of all types are filling up across the nation this week, as students once again return for another year of classes.

As students prepare for another year of learning, retailers  slashing prices on the tools and toys that students will need to get through another school year.

To help guide your back to school purchases, VR World and Bright Side of News contributors have put together a back to school guide for 2014 to help you buy the top tablets, smartphones, dorm room TVs, premium notebooks, low cost notebooks, and gaming systems for your 2014 back to school shopping.

Choosing TVs under a tight budget can be a hassle, especially if you need something that must fit on a small dorm room. High-end models are of course out of the question, so you need something that can get the most bang for your buck. Here are a few selections that might be worth the look.

Top Five Back to School 2014 Budget TVs


1) Sony KDL-32R4

This entry-level HD-ready TV may be a basic model, but the quality is more than what you’d normally expect for a budget TV. Its build has a nice finish to it, almost as if it is a premium product. It has 100Hz anti-blur processing and is LED-backlit. A Wi-Fi connection allows it to connect to the Sony Entertainment Network, thus giving users access to a whole bunch of other apps that it can use. If your idea of minimalism is budget maximization, then this one takes the cake.


2) Samsung UN29F4000

This 720p 60Hz HDTV might seem a bit behind the times with the upcoming 4K hype and all, but at this size, the quality is just fine. It is also supported by good LED backlighting, which makes up for its resolution drawback, as it can display vibrant and crisp colors onscreen.  Its build has a solid glossy look, though probably not as good as some of its higher-end competing models. The 29-inch size is a bit odd, even making it less attractive than other models, but it is actually perfect for small and rather tight rooms, just like dorms.


3) Panasonic Viera E6

This 32-inch LED TV models takes special mention because they’re technically considered as budget smart TVs. The My Home Screen can be used as the user’s interactive guide through the TVs available apps. Viewing is also a pleasure with its 100Hz full-HD screen. If anyone is new to smart TVs and need an affordable model that could serve as a primer, then this model series is just for you.


4) Vizio M401i

This 40-inch LED TV may be little bit bigger than what you’d normally put in your dorm, but this particular model takes the spot with its jam-packed features and great price. 120Hz refresh rate? Check. Internet TV? Check. Smart TV platform? Check. It also has a multitude of other smaller options, plus a good selection of TV apps. The only thing that pulls this one back? Here’s a hint: it’s a bit too reliant on the remote control.


5) Samsung UN28F4000

At 28 inches, it has the smallest diagonal screen size of all in this list, allowing it to fit to just about any dorm room you’ll move into. Apparently advertised as one of the most economically mass produced HDTVs by Samsung, it boasts the most out of any basic spec you can get from an entry level TV. Sure, it doesn’t have smart TV options and 3D modes, but it is has a solid, good quality HD-ready LED-backlit screen. It’s about the cheapest HDTV for a dorm room you can get, without sacrificing picture quality or viewing experience.