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Instagram Launches New App ‘Hyperlapse’


Earlier this week, the $1-billion Instagram introduced Hyperlapse, a simple and brilliant way to create timelapse videos on your phone.

Like their original app, which currently has over 240 million users, Hyperlapse will initially only be available on iOS.  While multiple timelapse camera apps have already popped up in both mobile marketplaces, Hyperlapse sports a minimalist interface, as well as image stabilization for every frame. The effect is pretty eye-catching:

This video posted by The Verge compares a raw shaky walking video with Adobe’s warp stabilizer, to the same video processed with Hyperlapse. While not original in concept, the image stabilization on Hyperlapse is what really makes the app shine. At the very least, you can still shoot a video and share it at original playback speed, and end up with a smooth video.

There are only three main steps for the app.  Record your journey, set your playback speed, and choose to share it directly to Facebook or… Instagram, of course.  The only quirk is the lack of audio for your videos, which makes sense considering the low frame rates, although the option to choose a background jingle to accompany your flicks would be nice.  Also, users need to be sure their device has enough storage to shoot long lengths of video.

Hopefully “timelapse selfie” doesn’t become a thing.