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Pico-Falcon Is The Tiniest RC Helicopter Yet

It’s not a handheld, it’s a fingerheld.

Quadcopter drones may be the mainstream toy for most flying RC hobbyists, but for more casual enthusiasts, there are simpler and even cheaper options to enjoy that flying RC experience. No we’re not talking about flying rotors, we’re talking about miniature RC helicopters, and this one really takes the word “miniature” quite literally.

The Pico-Falcon is a toy developed by CCP, a Japanese subsidiary company owned by Bandai that specializes in home electronics. As you can see from the feature image above, this coaxial rotor miniature RC helicopter is really tiny, having a mere body size of 4.6 cm and a miniscule weight of about 9 grams. The small unit can rest easily on a single finger, and buzz around as if it’s some kind of a fat mechanized dragonfly.

The control system of the Pico-Falcon is powered by a “high-spec” gyro processor. Along with its carefully designed rotor blades, the unit can stay balanced in the air pretty easily despite its tiny size. On a full charge, it can buzz around for about 4 minutes, and its infrared reception range is about 5 meters. Quite short, but is understandable given the unit’s size. The remote control uses three AA batteries, while the mini RC helicopter itself uses a custom, USB-charged battery.picofalco01Of course, this isn’t the first time CCP released a mini RC copter toy. In fact, Nano-Falcon, another mini toy copter product by the same company, previously held the world’s smallest RC helicopter record. It was first released in June 2013 in Japan. It also uses an infrared controller, and with a body size and weight of only about 6.5 cm and 11 grams, the toy can be held within your palm, or at least with a few fingers at minimum.

The Pico-Falcon will be available in Japan on December 5th this year, with an equivalent price of about $46.00.