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Video: Russian HD Review of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Camera iPhone 6 Camera

Normally, we don’t like to post most rumors of phones that are rumored to be launching, but considering that we’re nearing the launch of the iPhone 6 this month, many of the rumors, pictures and videos appear to be becoming more and more credible.

As is the case with the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)  iPhone 6, with the Rozetked video that claims to show a final production iPhone 6 alongside an iPhone 5S. In fact, everything that they show in this device (which is in HD) clearly falls in line with the majority of the low-res leaks that have appeared over the months. This video is entirely in Russian, however, there are English subtitles and we can translate for you what they claim the specs to be, including what appears to be the confirmed 4.7″ display and power button being moved to the right side of the phone.


As expected, the iPhone 6 did get thinner than the iPhone 5S, but it also got wider and longer as a result of the larger display. Unfortunately, Apple did not make a backlit Apple logo, but they did return to having a metallic Apple logo returning to the previous designs of iPhones made of the all rumored liquid metal which is virtually impossible to scratch. In fact, in order to verify the credibility of this video they took the iPhone 6 apart to show that it is a genuine iPhone 6 and not a dummy model that has nothing inside like some of the leaked pictures did.


Also, if you continue to watch the video you can see that their teardown verifies that the iPhone 6 runs on Apple’s yet-to-be-announced A8 chip and does include NFC functionality (hoorah). They also talk about the front glass of the iPhone 6 and how beautifully rounded it is and that even though it does make the phone very comfortable to hold in your hand and to use, it is very expensive to produce and from our experience easy to scratch. But they do say that it is still a much better display and even brighter than the previous iPhones’ displays. Apple also kept the size of the center button the same as the iPhone 5, but have supposedly increased the size of the sensor which should result in better touchID performance. Apple decided to keep the lightning, headphone jack and speaker essentially in the same place, making its use very familiar to current iPhone 5S users.


In addition to that, they talk about the camera being too big to fit into the even thinner body, which resulted in a camera that protrudes from outside of the body much like the iPod Touch, however this is only because they couldn’t fit it inside of such a thin body and many people may find this annoying. But even so, they say that the iPhone 6 fits very comfortably inside of your hand and that it will sell very well.