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Destiny's New Live Action Trailer Shows You How To Become A Legend

After teasing that “something big” is coming, Bungie unleashed a brand new live-action trailer for Destiny that’s filled to the brim with hype-inducing visuals.

The live-action trailer chronicles a fireteam of three Guardians–a Titan, Hunter and Warlock–as they travel the solar system to dispatch hordes of baddies across a number of different planets.

From the searing dunes of Mars, to the lush fertile tropics of Venus and the cold dust-ridden Moon, the trailer shows off the environs of some of the areas gamers can visit in their intergalactic journey.

The trailer is filled with skirmishes and battles that show off the deadly grace of each class. Along the way we see the Titan annihilate a group of Hive with his Fists of Havoc, and the Hunter shows off its nifty teleport skill to take down a monstrous hulking Cabal warrior. The Warlock uses her arcane mastery to zap the undead, and we see a no-holds-barred firefight against a seemingly endless flow of enemies.

The footage is not unlike Sony’s live-action cross-over videos for the PlayStation 4, but it’s not completely clear if players are the ones inside of the Guardian-suits or if it’s mean to be literal. The Guardians are punctual and quite witty, exposing personalities that seem to fall right in line with their roles in battle.

We’ve also included the Planet View trailer to give a better idea of all of the different planets gamers can visit in Destiny. In the beta I had the most fun with the limited one-hour Moon missions, but Venus and Mars look prime for both sightseeing and heroic battles.

All in all the trailer is a great way to build up hype for Destiny, and the stylish flair is wholly  which releases in just four days. If you’re on the fence about which version to get, be sure to check out the PlayStation exclusives that Bungie is offering. These include special exotic weapons, armor sets, multiplayer maps and even three extra starships.

Destiny launches on September 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more info be sure to drop by the game’s official website.