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Nvidia Disproves Lunar Conspiracy Theories with Maxwell

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has released a video that explains how the company used  voxel global illumination (VXGI) to debunk conspiracy theories of how the Lunar Landing never happened. Nvidia does this by addressing each individual conspiracy theory as they are presented using a real time rendering of the photos taken on the moon by the two astronauts and their craft. This was done using the only hardware capable of using VXGI, the GTX 980 using Maxwell GPU technology, which was just announced and reviewed by us yesterday.

The VXGI technology is not yet available as it must be implemented in a game engine and at this current moment has only been ported to Unreal Engine 4 for demonstration purposes. Nvidia states that this VXGI demonstration and technology will be available for testing once Epic Games and other engine developers are able to include VXGI into their game engines. As of right now, Nvidia says that it will be in Unreal Engine 4 around Q4 this year which should mean that we could see VXGI in games as soon as next year.

The whole Lunar landing debunking scene was a perfect way for Nvidia to try to commemorate the anniversary of the event as well as show off the graphical chops of the GTX 980, the company’s newest and most powerful GPU as seen in our review. Maxwell is the company’s latest GPU architecture and the GTX 980 is their fastest offering within the Maxwell family. VXGI will only work on Maxwell GPUs as of right now but there’s a chance it could see daylight in other GPUs in the future, very likely subsequent architectures.