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GoPro Hero4 to Launch October 8th This Year?

GoPro Hero 4

Remember all of those rumors of the imminent GoPro Hero4 with the 4K capability? Well, it looks like the guys at Petapixel were able to get a scoop from a source that has given the world the full specifications of GoPro’s (NASDAQ:GPRO), newest camera.

GoPro, as many of you know recently became a publicly traded company with its IPO launching at $30 and now sits at over $80 a share without any new product announcements. Obviously, GoPro was going to wait until after it went public with its IPO in order to launch the GoPro Hero4 with 4K capability (30 FPS).


GoPro Hero 4 Black – Image Credit Petapixel

The previous versions of GoPro’s cameras did do 4K video, but only at 15 FPS which is effectively a time-lapse or a slideshow. With 4K 30 FPS capability, the GoPro Hero 4 promises to be the most affordable 4K camera on earth. However, Petapixel states that their sources have not given them final pricing. But if you look at GoPro’s historical pricing, the company has not priced any of its cameras over $399 and it is unlikely to do so with the new GoPro Hero4.

The GoPro Hero4 will, however, come in two flavors: the GoPro Hero4 Black and the GoPro Hero4 Silver. The difference between the two is that the GoPro Hero4 Black will feature the 4K 30 FPS video functionality while the GoPro Hero4 Silver will feature the touchscreen back for easy button-free, remote-free operation.


GoPro Hero 4 Black – Image Credit Petapixel


The GoPro Hero4 Black will be capable of frame rates of 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, 1440p at 80fps, 1080p at 120fps, 960p at 120fps, and 720p at 120fps. Petapixel notes that for some reason, 240 FPS has been removed, which could signal a possible ultra-high frame rate version of the GoPros in the near future. The Black edition will also be capable of capturing 12 Megapixel images, which isn’t bad at all for a pocket camera. The new GoPro Hero4 Black will also have double the dynamic range and the ability to mount into existing GoPro mounts, meaning that GoPro isn’t making consumers buy new mounts again (like what happened with the 3+).

GoPro Hero 4 Black Back

GoPro Hero4 Black Back – Image Credit Petapixel

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Back

GoPro Hero4 Silver Back – Image Credit Petapixel

The GoPro Hero4 Silver will not feature the 4K 30 FPS upgrade that the Black edition has, but rather adding the touch screen functionality and many of the other camera improvements brought with the GoPro Hero4. While it may be unfortunate for some, the other improvements will still be welcome by many. Realistically, though, the GoPro Hero4 Black appears to be the camera that everyone’s been waiting for.

Since this isn’t an official announcement and there is no exact pricing, this should still be treated as a rumor. But there’s a very good chance that because this camera is launching before the holiday season GoPro could have a very strong 4Q this year and that may push GoPro’s stock over $100 before the camera even hits the market.