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Google Celebrates 16 Years With Lollipop Laden Cake

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Today Google celebrated their 16th birthday with a nice big cake laden with a fairly sizable amount of lollipop on the top.

In fact, it seems a bit odd that someone would put that many lollipop candies on a birthday cake, well, that is unless you’re Google. Considering that Google’s next version of the Android operating system carries the “L release” name without an official name, there’s a very good chance that the latest version of Android, possible Android 5.0 will be named Lollip0p. Obviously this is a pretty unsubstantiated rumor, but Google loves to allude to things through their posts on social media. They also like to announce their Nexus hardware along with their newest OS version releases, so October will very likely be a very big month for Google and its users.

Google Lollipop Birthday GIF

Google Birthday GIF

As you can see, Google’s post about their 16th birthday has quite a few lollipops on it and there are some other candies around the cake, but noen are as obvious as the lollipops atop the Google 16th birthday cake. This could be making a mountain out of a molehill, but there’s a very good chance that Google has taken an opportunity like its birthday to tease the public about a new Android release. It is interesting that they use Google Now with a supposed user question about candles on birthday cakes to make it seem more natural, but the fact that there aren’t any candles on the birthday cake may be another reason why this is a hint about Android Lollipop because they are clearly trying to draw your attention to the candleless lollipop laden cake.