AMD To Showcase Hadoop On 64-bit ARMv8 Opteron A1100 Processors

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After partnering with ARM (NASDAQ:ARMH) on low-power Cortex A57-based CPUs tailored to work in an enterprise environment, AMD (NYSE:AMD) is showcasing its server software ecosystem, which now includes Apache Hadoop.

ARM ‘s corporate fellow Leendert van Doorn is scheduled to give a demonstration of an AMD Opteron A-series CPU running Hadoop at the JavaOne conference today. Adding Hadoop functionality to its software ecosystem is a natural move for AMD as its target clients will be looking to use its server clusters to process large data sets. The low-power nature of the CPUs make them ideal for processing large chunks of information and undertaking high I/O tasks.

Traditionally, organizations looking to get into big data analysis had to either go to Intel or IBM for large-scale server clusters, but thanks to the advancements ARM has ushered in with ARMv8, silicon vendors like AMD can now offer comparable compute performance as x86-based offerings. AMD is touting several wins in its A1100 series by announcing a robust server ecosystem that sees the inclusion of UEFI, ACPI, PCIe, Gen3, and SATA standards in addition to several open source software standards, the latest of which is Hadoop.

For customers interested in seeing what AMD’s server CPUs can achieve, the vendor has launched a developer kit packaged in a microATX form factor that includes an Opteron A1100-series CPU with four ARM Cortex A57-based 64-bit cores, two DIMM with 16 GB of DDR3 memory, eight SATA connectors and a single x8 lane PCI-E slot.

AMD’s announcement today will see the Opteron A1100 processors running Hadoop on an Oracle JDK. The demonstration will also illustrate how AMD has managed to achieve cross-platform functionality by running various nodes in different Linux-based environments. Henrik Stahl, vice president, Java product management and Internet of Things at Oracle will also be on hand today to share more details regarding Oracle’s integration with ARM 64-bit server architecture.

In addition to showcasing the big data use cases that can be achieved by AMD’s server hardware, the session will highlight recent advances made by the silicon vendor in the field of heterogeneous computing.