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Swiftech Releases H240-X All-In-One Liquid Cooling Kit

Swiftech H240-X all-in-one liquid cooling kit is now available to purchase.  The H240-X builds on the award winning H220-X with a dual 140mm radiator.

Quality enthusiast components like the Apogee XL are integrated into the ready to use kit

Quality enthusiast components like the Apogee XL are integrated into the ready to use kit

The Swiftech H240-X is now available for immediate purchase from the Swiftech store.  The H240-X is  liquid cooling that is ready to use and incorporates a dual 140mm radiator, MCP30 pump, and Swiftech’s Apogee XL waterblock.  All the components used to make the system are enthusiast grade parts and have been used in many custom water cooling setups.  The larger dual 140mm copper radiator and fans will allow for improved cooling ability while keeping noise.  Larger fans can move a comparable amount of air as smaller fans at a much lower RPM, thus reducing sound output is possible.


Key Features

For casual users:

  • Kit is shipped factory pre-filled, ready for plug-and-play installation, and it is maintenance free during its warranty period.
  • Both Swiftech’s powerful MCP30 pump and high-pressure Helix fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H240-X to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature, just like a regular cooling fan.
  • The system also includes a PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.
  • Includes a clear and user-friendly pictorial installation guide, it could not be easier to install and setup!

For Enthusiasts:

  • The system can be entirely customized thanks to easily replaceable tubing and fittings., giving you an upgrade path down the road.
  • Thanks to its powerful pump, it can support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards and/or additional radiator(s).
  • Factory fittings can now be upgraded to any G1/4 compatible aftermarket fittings (an optional adapter is needed for the pump outlet and is available here, which allows enthusiast users to upgrade their system to 1/2″ ID tubing if they wish to.

This looks to be a great solution for those who want to get a foot in the water with water cooling while being able to upgrade the system down the line.  Thanks to standardized parts this kit will be very easy to upgrade down the line, or even right off the bat. Thankfully for users who will want dual 140mm radiator over the H220-X’s dual 120mm radiator the premium is an affordable $10.  The H240-X is currently available from Swiftech in its store for $149.99, making this an affordable option for those wanting a quality system without much hassle.