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QPAD Launches MK-70, Mid-range Mechanical Keyboard

QPAD, the eSports and gaming peripheral company announced the MK-70 mechanical keyboard today.  The mechanical keyboard has Cherry Red switches, adjustable led backlighting,  media keys, and gold plated connectors.

The MK-70 takes QPAD’s top of the link MK-85 and removes the programmable keys, USB ports, audio ports.  QPAD sees this as an ideal gaming board aiming to give gamers what they want in a keyboard without the added premium of those extra features.  QPAD is a Swedish company that is known for their high quality gaming and eSports peripherals.

qpad-mk-70-keyboard (1)

The led backlight is adjustable with four levels.

MK-70 Features:

  • Cherry MX red mechanical switches
  • Ultra-durable, long life keys designed to last 50 million strokes
  • Individual LED backlight with four levels of brightness
  • Media control keys
  • Laser engraved keycaps
  • Full size keyboard
  • Braided USB cord
  • Full N-Key rollover with the included USB to PS/2 adapter
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Dimensions: 44.8 x 15 x 3.5 cm (17.6 x 5.9 x 1.37 inch)
  • Weight: 1.4 kg / 3.08LBS

The MK-70 will be shipping at the end of October with a price of $125 (99€).

qpad-mk-70-keyboard (2)

The ideal person for this keyboard is a gamer who will rapidly be pressing the keys during gaming.  These would be FPS, MMORPG, and RTS players as the Cherry Red switches are the linear Cherry switch requiring the lightest actuation force (45g).  The Cherry Red switches do not have tactile feedback when the switch is actuated, meaning that rapid cycling of the switches will be easier.  If you want a switch that you will be able to feel when you hit the actuation point, then you will want to look at  keyboards that offer the Cherry Brown switches ( non-clicky ) or possibly the Cherry Blue switches ( clicky ).  One of the benifits of having keyboards with the Cherry mechanical switches are than there are many companies making aftermarket keycaps.  There are many different options for making the keyboards your own with the keys available to customize to your heart’s desire.

Cherry Red switch actuation

Cherry Red switch actuation


qpad-mk-70-keyboard (3)

Though they share the same chassis the MK-70 does away with the USB ports and audio ports that the MK-85 has