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Colorful Goes Overboard With iGame GTX 980

For a company called Colorful, being subtle is out of the question. It comes as no surprise, then, that the vendor’s variant of the Nvidia GTX 980, dubbed the iGame GTX 980, is one of the most over the top video cards you can buy today.

Featuring a massive cooling solution and a 14-phase VRM that makes other vendor-based GTX 980 cards look small by comparison, Colorful didn’t hold back on any segment when designing the iGame GTX 980. The non-reference PCB designed by Colorful features pure silver traces, the monster-sized VRM that draws power from two 8-pin PCIe inputs, server-grade tantalum capacitors, high-grade DPAK MOSFETs and high-current solid-chokes.

Colorful also managed to overclock the card, which is accessible the card through a dual-BIOS mode. The first BIOS runs the card at 1127 MHz core and 1216 MHz, while the second BIOS overclocks the GPU to 1178 MHz core and 1279 MHz boost. The memory clock in the first BIOS is 7 GHz, while it sees an incremental increase to 7.01 GHz in the second BIOS.

One of the main facets of this card is the large headroom that is available to enthusiast users looking to overclock the card. The iGame GTX 980 comes with a compound aluminum fin-stack heatsink and three 100 mm fans that ensure the card doesn’t get excessively warm even under heavy load. The back features a solid metal back plate along with a dotted mesh design.

In terms of connectivity, Colorful is offering three DisplayPort 1.2 ports, one HDMI 2.0 and one dual-link DVI connector. No word on pricing yet, but it is likely that the iGame GTX 980 will be one of the highest priced versions of the GTX 980 on offer.

If the iGame GTX 980 doesn’t quite cut it for you, you’ll be glad to know that Colorful is working on an even faster variant called the GTX 980 iGame Kudan. We’ll share more details as we receive them.