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Tt eSPORTS VERTO: A Well Rounded Headset

Tt eSPORTS just released its newest headset, the VERTO which is going to get a closer look today.  The headset brings another unique model to the large line that Tt eSPORTS has currently.   The VERTO offers a design with nice lines, a secure fit, decent sound isolation, pleasing mids to highs, and a fulfilling low end.

In an ever growing field of gaming headsets, it may be hard to choose the one that will be the best for your needs.  Tt eSPORTS knows this and has a huge line of gaming headsets at various price points and feature sets, each with a different unique style.  The VERTO is brand new, just going for sale at Newegg and Amazon within the last day.  The headset is more of a subtle design that most of the others the company currently has in its lineup.  It definitely has a striking design with its lines and attention to detail in the build quality.  It is an over the ear headset that will be more comfortable for those who don’t like on ear headsets.  Sound Isoltaion is also helped with the over the ear design and the incorporation of the protein leather ear cups.  The left ear cup has a permanently attached microphone boom that tucks nicely against the ear cup for when it is not in use.  The headband and parts holding the ear cups are made out of stainless steel that looks and feels powder coated.


Tt eSports Vetro headset-5


The Verto comes in a nicely illustrated box with the headset’s features and technical specification detailed on the back of the package.  Inside the headset is seated in vacuum formed plastic keeping it snugly in place while being shipped.  The VERTO comes with a carrying bag that is made of a pleather-like material and two cables.  The 3 meter PC cable has 3.5mm audio and microphone plugs, with integrated volume control and microphone mute function in the cable.  The second cable is a 1 meter mobile cable that will allow use of the audio and microphone with a mobile device.  It is worth noting that the cables were definitely over the stated lengths which was a pleasant surprise.  Also the  quality of the cable sleeving in both of the cables and the headset was immediately visible.

Tt eSports Vetro headset-17

Included are a carrying bag, mobile headset cable, PC cable, and booklet .