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Cute Robi jr. Robot Sings And Talks With You

We’ve seen a lot of talking and chatting robots over the years, some even able to respond like a diligent secretary.  Japanese toy company Takara Tomy however, knows what we really want: a cute talking robot, and that’s exactly what Robi Jr. is.

Aside from looking absolutely adorable as a robot, one of the primary features of Robi Jr. is its combination of its array of motion sensors and voice recognition system. This means that this critter doesn’t just talk, it responds, and that makes a big difference from being just a fancy chatty toy. Utilizing some of its 1,000 recorded phrases (in Japanese), it can respond in a variety of ways, depending on what its users say or ask. You can inquire how it feels for example, or if you want to ask for times and dates, it can also provide the appropriate response.

Robi Jr. isn’t just about words and speaking out appropriate responses, because it also senses where its users are, and will face the general direction of the person it is talking to. It also has a ‘mood’ system, which is indicated by its pair of googly LED eyes, and its responses will change depending on how it currently ‘feels’ at the moment. This makes for a much livelier presentation of its interactive functions, because users will really feel as if it is actually responding to them like a normal human being.

In addition, not only does Robi Jr. talk, but it can also sing, using its collection of about 50 recorded songs. Just remember to ask it politely, and check its mood, because it might not always positively respond to sing a happy tune. There’s also the typical, ‘robo-walk’ option, if you want it to act like your standard marching toy robot.

Robi Jr. is slated to be commercially available in Japan by the end of January 2015, at an equivalent price of about $140.00.