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Destiny: Legendary Gear Leaked For New 'Crota's End' Raid

It appears that legendary gear included in Destiny‘s upcoming DLC pack has been leaked.

The reports come straight from Destiny DB, which lists three sets of Titan, Hunter and Warlock armors as rewards for Destiny‘s new raid.

The raid itself is dubbed “Crota’s End” and will focus on the nefarious Hive, with Crota himself possibly making an appearance. Crota’s End is planned to be included in the game’s upcoming Dark Below DLC this December.

The legendary raid gear for Crota’s End is pretty powerful, but for now it only contains the ability trees for the Vault of Glass raid. Destiny DB lists full sets–that is helmets, chestpieces, gloves, boots and bonds/capes/marks for each character.

It’s to be expected that the new sets will mirror the same damage buffs against Hive enemies, along with Special Ammo boosts and Defense modifiers.

Thanks to Reddit user SwordofCrota for compiling the following list of full raid gear:

Warlock Raid Gear

Chest- Deathsinger’s Mantle

Helmet- Deathsinger’s Gaze

Gauntlets- Deathsinger’s Grip

Legs- Deathsinger’s Herald

Bond- Bone Circlet

Hunter Raid Gear

Chest- Relentless Harness

Helmet- Unyielding Casque

Gauntlets- Dogged Cage

Legs- Tireless Stride

Cloak- Shroud of Flies

Titan Raid Gear

Chest- Willbreaker’s Resolve

Helmet- Willbreaker’s Watch

Gauntlets- Willbreaker’s Grip

Legs- Willbreaker’s Greaves

Mark- Mark of the Pit

Jewel of Osiris

SwordofCrota also came across a new legendary handcannon by the name of Jewel of Osiris, which may be included as a Trials reward in the new DLC, along with the possibility of a legendary Sparrow.

Bungie hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet, so the leaked items could very well change dramatically or just a bit. There is some speculation that Bungie will raise the level cap in the new DLC, but that remains speculation. All we know now is that The Dark Below is scheduled to launch in December and that it’ll almost certainly come with a new raid.

Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC is currently available for pre-order for $19.99, and includes content–like the new Hive raid–that will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until at least Fall 2015.