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Here's An Easy Way To Find Players For Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid

One website makes finding a party for Destiny‘s raid a breeze.

Using, gamers can find like-minded Guardians and team up to tackle Destiny‘s challenging Vault of Glass raid.

The site uses a system similar to‘s forums, but is more simplified and lets gamers find other groups of Hunters, Titans and Warlocks on-the-fly. Users can search across all platforms–from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One–and regions such as North America.

Players are sorted by PSN/Xbox LIVE account name, character class and level–along with a comment section that informs readers if they have mics and are experienced with the raid itself.

Vault of Glass 2

In the absence of raid matchmaking, DestinyL4G fills a very real need for gamers who are looking to take on the dreaded Vex warlord Atheon. The site can also find Guardians for other activities like Weekly Nightfall Strikes and various Daily missions–and everything in between.

In a recent weekly update, Bungie reveals that it is discussing the possibility of bringing matchmaking to raids. As DeeJ says, “we’re having conversations about how Matchmaking might support the more challenging activities in Destiny“.

The “Atheon push” is also getting fixed. Bungie writes in the newest weekly update that they’ll be adding “baby bumpers” to the edges to prevent players from pushing the last boss off the edge in the Vault of Glass raid.



  • Next week’s Hotfix is going to contain some fixes to the Atheon encounter.
  • We’ve added “baby bumpers” to areas where players could knock Atheon out of the environment.
  • Knocking a boss off a ledge is a bug. We will seek to address bugs like these as quickly as possible.

“The encounter goal for Atheon is to act as a climax and the culmination of learning for a given Raid group. Part of that is making sure that each player in your group can perform every job as required. A change will take effect next week which fixes a bug with Atheon’s target selection. When using its Timestream ability, Atheon will select 3 players at random, instead of choosing the three players furthest from it.”

But for now, gamers will have to use their friends lists as well as assets like DestinyL4G and the forums to find skilled Guardians for end-game content like the Vault of Glass.

Legendary gear from Destiny‘s new raid has also been leaked, revealing a slew of content from the new Hive-centered Dark Below DLC. The new raid is called Crota’s End and might feature a grand-royale battle with the monstrous Hive overlord.