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Thermaltake Core V1: A Mini Case With a Big Value


The Core V1 has a tough double walled corrugated cardboard box that held up extremely well during shipping.  A nice feature here is that the box has cuts to make handles if needed, though the small size of the box makes it very easy to handle.   Inside the box there are two foam inserts holding the case in place and  keeping everything safe.

Thermaltake Core V1-12

The boxes aren’t very showy and its just very plain black graphics and text on the box, which falls into line with the value oriented design.  The case arrived in pristine condition so the packaging is definitely doing the right thing.

Thermaltake Core V1-13


The interior has a lot more space than it looks like from pictures you see of the case.  There is more than enough potential for modding these cases into something unique to make it your own. The interior is entirely painted in flat black which is a definitely plus for a case in its price range.  The black should go well with  The case has only two removable mounting trays for hard drives or SSDs, they can hold either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives.

Thermaltake Core V1-10

There is a 200mm fan placed in the front of the case that pushes air through the case. The air is filtered through the open cell foam that is sandwiched in the front grill, and it is easily cleaned with a vacuum.

Thermaltake Core V1-11

The motherboard area is clean and the forward section has a very large open section to allow for cable, or even a radiator for a water cooling loop if it is needed.

 Thermaltake Core V1-9