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Thermaltake Core V1: A Mini Case With a Big Value


The case comes with a user’s manual, zip ties, and screws for mounting everything.  The screws for the hard drives come with rubber rings that will help reduce vibrations.

Thermaltake Core V1-11

The front panel cables were long enough for decent cable management.  It is to be noted that depending on the motherboard and the header placements it may be trickie.  This is because the ones for the power, reset, and leds had a tough time reaching on the board I used.

 Thermaltake Core V1-8

Thermaltake Core V1-16

The buttons and ports are located on the lower left side of the front panel.  This makes for a nice sleek design when the case is viewed from the front.

 Thermaltake Core V1-5

Final Build

It was a very easy build, most likely because everything was easy to access and with all the panels having the ability to be removed.  With everything easily accessible cable management went very fast.  This went together a lot faster than other builds that I have done with the same amount of components.  The 200mm fan is very quiet and when using the build as a htpc it was not noticeable, which is ideal.  The 255mm videocard clearance means that there will be some limitation on what can be put in the case, but there will be many options still available.

Thermaltake Core V1-13

Thermaltake Core V1-14

Thermaltake Core V1-15

Thermaltake Core V1-18

Thermaltake Core V1-17