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China Goes to War With Apple’s iCloud

Authorities in China are staging a man-in-the-middle attack against Apple’s (NASDAQ: APPL) iCloud service, attempting to harvest user credentials according to anti-censorship advocacy group Great Fire.

Users that try and access iCloud’s web interface from within China are directed to a look alike site. While Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome will alert users to the hijacked connection, according to Great Fire Qihoo 360, the most popular browser in China, will let users surf directly to the site.

Great Fire has also provided traceroutes as well as a wirecapture  to prove its claims.

Authorities in China launched a similar attack against  Microsoft’s login portal.

For its part state-owned China Telecom (HKG: 0728), which hosts Apple’s servers in its data centers, has publicly said that it has not played a role in this and any accusations that it has are “untrue and unfounded.” A spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry said that China’s government is “resolutely opposed” to hacking.

While it’s unlikely that Apple has any role in this, Great Fire notes that Apple has previously worked with authorities in China to censor content by removing offending apps from the app store upon request.