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Virgin America Launches 6-Hour Ad Campaign

virgin america

In an act of sheer marketing brilliance (or insanity), Virgin America produced a new video that takes you on a boring journey from Newark (EWR) to San Francisco (SFO) – in real time.

During this grueling 6-hour adventure, VA maddeningly illustrates the cross-country trek that economy flyers experience when travelling from East to West.

With American airline companies financially struggling over the past decade, domestic flights are becoming less pleasant to endure, especially if you’re on a budget. Unfortunately, entertainment and comfort are seen more as line item luxuries that force loyalty, rather than encourage it.

But don’t let their pretty “mood lighting” fool you – Virgin America will still charge for baggage and all amenities, just like any other airline, on top of a higher average airfare. While the concept is both hilarious and daring, this campaign only proves that “BLAH Airlines” has an unimpressive interior and equally mundane passengers.

Plus, we were hoping at first glance that it was a new Interpol music video.