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Destiny Has A New Engram Farming Spot That's Faster Than Ever

A team of Guardians has found a new incredibly fast and easy way to amass rare engrams in Destiny.

There’s a very special staircase on Earth’s Cosmodrome that can produce rare and legendary drops even faster than the original Loot Cave. The trick of it lies in a special doorway that belches out waves of enemies in amazingly fast respawn rates.

These enemies spill out engrams after being unceremoniously wiped out, and they always come back for more.


The new “loot cave” is one of the first areas you can find in the game, and is right next to the crashed starship.

The new “loot cave” is actually one of the first buildings you’ll come across in Old Russia. Remember that enclosure you went in after investigating the crashed jet in the Level 2 Restoration mission?

The one with the staircases that descended into a spooky map-room filled with Dregs, Vandals and Shanks? That’s the one.

The sweet spot is right in the middle, down the first staircase to the first level. Then you’ll come to another staircase that winds to the left–get friendly with this zone, because to farm, you’ll be seeing a lot of it.


Enemies spawn in an area behind the staircase in surprising frequency, but to keep the farming flow going you’ll need to adhere to a method.

Here’s a step-by-step plan for farming this new zone:

1. Start up a Patrol session on the Cosmodrome

2. Head to the building pictured above

3. Follow the first staircase down to the second staircase, look for a dent in the stairs, and wait there. You’ll know when enemies spawn when you see the red bar on your motion tracker, at the 2 o’clock mark.

4. Kill all the enemies–especially before they climb the stairs

5. Rinse, repeat and collect your engrams

Now step 4 is a crucial one. To keep the fast flow of enemies spawning you’ll want to make sure you wipe out all baddies before they climb the stairs and get topside.

Clearing out the entire wave is essential for a new wave to spawn, and all members of your party want to stand far enough down the stairs so that the respawns get triggered. Standing too close will prevent this, as will allowing any enemies to escape to the top. If this happens just be sure to clear them out and return below.

You’ll be fighting waves of level 2 Vandals and Dregs in this area, but they can still drop a hefty amount of blues and greens here and there. This is a great way to earn Glimmer, break down items for materials, and build up your Cryptarch level for Legendary packages.

This is also a great area to quickly and efficiently complete bounties that call for precision damage kills or the 2-for-1’s with the Fusion Rifle.

With any luck you’ll be able to enjoy a few runs before Bungie nerfs this one, so be sure to jump on it ASAP.

Thanks, Destiny Overwatch.