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AMD Slashes Prices Of Desktop Kaveri APUs

In a bid to secure more market share in the desktop segment, AMD (NYSE:AMD) is slashing prices of its Kaveri A-class APU by as much as 20% across the board. In order to sweeten the deal, AMD is also throwing in a free game to users purchasing the discounted CPUs.

Customers purchasing the A10-7850K, A10-7800, A10-7700K, A10-6800K or A10-6790K will be able to choose from Sniper Elite 3, Murdered: Soul Suspect or Thief, with the promotion valid until the end of October. AMD is also throwing in Corel Aftershot Pro 2 for $5, which is a discount of over $60 off the retail price of the software.

The price cut is not limited to the A-series processors, as the older Richland CPUs are also seeing a discount, with the A10-6800K now available for just $112. Other processors in the Richland series that have received a discount include the A8-6600K, which now retails for $92, the A4-6300, which is now at $34, as well as the A4-5300 and A4-4000, which cost $31 and $27 respectively.

Here’s how much the Kaveri-series APUs cost after the discount:

APU Model Compute Cores Graphics TDP (cTDP) Pricing
A10-7850K 12 (4CPU + 8GPU) R7 95 (65/45) $143
A10-7800 12 (4CPU + 8GPU) R7 65 (45) $133
A10-7700K 10 (4CPU  + 8GPU) R7 95 (65/45) $123
A8-7600 10 (4CPU + 8GPU) R7 65 (45) $92
A6-7400K 6 (2CPU+4GPU) R5 65 (45) $58


The discounted pricing is just the latest in a series of moves the silicon vendor has undertaken of late, which also includes strengthening its partnership with hardware vendor Asus (TPE:2357). If the rumors are to be believed, AMD is not only offering Asus a heavy discount on processors, but is also collaborating closely with the vendor on the upcoming Zen APU platform.

With the vendor facing an uphill battle with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) on the CPU side of things and Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) on the GPU front, it remains to be seen whether the latest round of discounts have any effect on its market share.