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Lian Li PC-Q26 Is Ideal For Mini-ITX System Builders

The mini-ITX form factor is seeing a resurgence of late, with most vendors launching smaller variants of their products. Gigabyte, for instance, rolled out the mini-ITX version of the GTX 970 earlier this week. To take advantage of the burgeoning interest in this segment, Lian Li has announced its latest mini-ITX chassis, which is dubbed PC-Q26.

As with most Lian Li offerings, the PC-Q26 features a brushed aluminium design that gives the enclosure a premium look. The case is ideal for users looking to build a custom NAS, thanks to its ability to support eleven hard drives internally, with provision for ten 3.5-inch drives and one 2.5-inch drive. There’s also a hot-swappable backplane that can accommodate an additional two 3.5-inch drives. With a volume of 32.3 liters, the PC-Q26 offers system builders more than enough room.

Ease of installation has been a major area of focus with the PC-Q26, which is why the enclosure features pop-off side panels which allow users to quickly add or remove hardware. Hard drives can be mounted without the use of any tools, and the expansion slots are secured by a single thumbscrew.

The chassis comes with ample ventilation in the form of three 120mm fans that blow air inward, while a 120mm fan at the top direct heat away from the chassis. There are dust filters secured by magnets that prevent any ingress of dust, and the case fans come with removable filters for easy maintenance. An additional 80mm fan can be installed at the back if needed.

Being a mini-ITX chassis, the PC-Q26 can accommodate video cards 190mm in length and CPU coolers 150mm tall. Power supplies up to 190mm can fit in the enclosure, with the design allowing for the PSU to be mounted at a height, thereby preventing any contact from the case floor.

Front I/O includes two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connectors. The PC-Q26 is now available for $189.