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Lenovo Launches Fitbit Lookalike

Despite a chilly reception thus far from the market, companies are still trying to enter the fitness tracking space. The latest contender is Lenovo (HKG: 0992), which had its up-and-coming smartband leaked onto its own website this weekend and was spotted first by Gizmodo.


Lenovo’s ” Smartband SW-B100″  has the usual set of features one might expect from a fitness tracking wearable. It will track calories, steps, and the user’s sleep cycle. It’s not powered by Android Wear, so the only functionality the device has with your phone is the ability to display phone calls, text messages, and calendar appointments. Reportedly it does have a feature that allows it to act as an authenticator — either the single step or part of a two-step system — that unlocks a user’s PC.


The accidently leaked page didn’t have anything on pricing or availability, so it’s not known then the device will be released or for how much. A release outside of Asia is uncertain.