Arctic’s Z1 Pro is Elegant, But a Pain to Build

An easy way to give your workspace a chic and cool look is removing your monitor’s generic included stand and using a monitor arm. There are plenty of monitor arms on the market, and today we are taking a look at Arctic’s Z1 Pro monitor arm.

Overview and functionality

In the modern office workplace the vast majority of job-related injuries come from strain involving prolonged sitting at one’s workspace. Sitting with a slight slouch, the default position when looking slightly down at a monitor, can take its toll on your shoulders and back. Many doctors and physiotherapists suggest that desk workers put their monitor at eye level to avoid this strain.

Which leads us to the Arctic Z1 Pro. The Z1 Pro is one of Arctic’s entry-level monitor stands which supports screens between 13 and 27 inches with its standard 75/100 mm VESA port on the back. Arctic says the stand can support up to 22 lbs, which should be more than enough even for the biggest of screens. For our testing we used a 22-inch BenQ GW2250HM monitor.

On the bottom of the stand is a powered USB 3.0 hub with four ports. This is a nice addition for the sake of cable management, as users that have this stand on their desk would want to make things look as clean as possible.