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AMD R9 285 – A Performance Review


The card at stock is very capable, and should be noted that too much overclocking causing a reduction in performance could just be an issue with my card and not the 285s as a whole.  The new Tonga Pro based R9 285 is certainly a good performer, and picks up a decent performance boost from an easy overclock that took minutes to find and lock in.  The R9 285 is a good deal when you consider that the right now an XFX version can be had for $229.99 or the PowerColor after rebate for $194.99.  The so in the $250 and below price range the 285 looks to be a real winner.  But for $60 (without rebate) more a R9 290 can be had for $289.99 on Amazon, which would be a decent jump in performance,  and that would have a good performance advantage over the 285.  The 280X  still can beat the performance of the 285 in a few places due to clocks but that is older tech, and it misses out on the up to date feature set that the 285 has. All in all the 285 is a good card and would make a good choice for those who decide to run one.  The problem though, is currently the AMD cards pricing is in flux and has been dropping and that is making some very powerful cards available for not much money.  It would sure be hard to stick to a budget when a much more powerful AMD card is available for  not much more money, but if you can snag an R9 285 for under $199 it is without a doubt a good buy.