Arctic P614 BT Bluetooth Headphones Delivers Responsive Sound For $42.99


Your reviewer — with his egg shaped head — often has trouble finding headphones that comfortably fit on his head and fit over his glasses. The P614 BT didn’t have this issue; it proved to be comfortable for extended periods of time. Obviously this is not a high-end headset, and has the advantage of being lighter, but for someone looking for an entry level headset to wear while, say, listening to music during the workday the comfort level is more than acceptable.

Audio quality

Running through a test of movie scenes, music, and games the P614 BT proved itself to be very competitive against other mid-range headsets and much better than many headsets at the same price point. Bass is thumpy and treble is crisp. During our audio test the haunting lead vocals of London Grammar’s “Night Call” were matched with a pumpy, deep, but not overwhelming bass.  There are headphones out there that deliver much more accurate audio, but they are not at the low price of Arctic’s headset.


True audiophiles might say that the very nature of a Bluetooth headset means that sacrifices in audio quality will have to be made. At a high level, Koss proved with its BT 540i headset that this is not the case. And Arctic, with the P614 BT, has proven there’s no reason a low-price midrange headset cannot exist.

If one were to find a fault with the headset it would be that its range is very limited. If one were to move across the room from the paired device, the reception begins to get quite poor and the audio breaks up. Arctic advertises a 10 foot range, but the maximum before interference makes things inaudible is less than half of that. This proved true when pairing the headset with a Lenovo Yoga laptop as well as a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Arctic has built a very competitive product with the P614 BT. It’s comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the audio quality is acceptable. Issues with range leave something to be desired, but the truth is the vast majority of users only need a few feet of connectivity between device and headset.

The P614 BT headset is available now from Amazon for a limited launch price of $42.99 instead of $82.99.