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Eye on Japan: What’s Making Headlines in Tokyo For November 11

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites and news publications for November 11, 2014.

Rohm develops ultra low energy biosensor
Rohm Semiconductor Japan, in cooperation with Kobe University, develops a wearable, all purpose biosensor. The new biosensor has a very low energy current value of 38 microamperes, which is about only a fifth of what current biosensors use.

Sony showcases its 147-inch 4K display projector
Sony (TYO: 6758) unveils its newest ultra-high end display, the VPL-GTZ1. Like its predecessor, it is a display projector with a 147-inch screen size, and uses its proprietary 4K Silicon X-Tal Reflective Display technology. It will be catered to business entities at an estimated price of about $47,000.000.

Sharp’s Japanese tea machine gets an award
Ocha Presso, Sharp’s (TYO: 6753) product line of automatic Japanese tea making machines, has won this year’s Food Action Nippon Award. The award given was in the research, development and new technologies category, earning points for its overall efficiency and innovative build design.

Japanese yen pulls down consumer tech market
A statistical financial report from Japanese consumer tech marketing analysis firm BCN has revealed that Japan’s digital consumer electronics market slightly went down in the past two months. The observed reason for the decreased market sales was the price adjustment of standard commodities, as the Japanese yen value plummeted over the same time period.

Yahoo Japan cuts down on mobile tech services
Yahoo Japan (TYO: 4689) announces that it will soon end some of its lesser used mobile tech services. Starting from November this year to April next year, a total of 12 smartphone applications, three PC-based web services, and two mobile phone services will no longer be active for its current subscribers.

Evernote collaborates with Nikkei for Evernote Context
Evernote opens a partnership agreement with major Japanese economics media company Nikkei, to publish its articles into Evernote’s recently launched Context feature. Evernote has already announced that it has raised $20 million for the collaborative project, with both companies expecting its execution as the year 2015 arrives.

Asus relaunches Chromebox in Japan
Asus Japan relaunches Chromebox locally, this time catered for personal users. Along with its launch, a new line up of Chromebook models is also slated for local release on the same date.