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Playstation Vue, Firefox Party, Toshiba’s driving chip: The Headlines in Tokyo for November 13

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for November 13, 2014.

Playstation Vue TV service soon to launch on 2015
Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI) and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) unveils the Playstation Vue, a cloud-based on-demand broadcast TV service for the PS4 and PS3 consoles, which is slated to launch on March 2015.

Philips unveils three new 4K HD TV models
Philips has just showcased three new 4K TV models, the 40-inch BDM4065UC, the WQHD-enabled 27-inch 272P4APJKEB and the full-HD capable 23.8-inch 238C5QHSN. All three models are slated for release sometime this November, though prices are yet to be announced.

Japan celebrates Firefox’s 10th birthday
Firefox celebrated its 10th birthday last Tuesday, November 11, with the release of Firefox 33.1, introducing a number of updates that includes a new “forget” function. This time, Japan does their own celebration of its very first release.

Microsoft offers locally hosted Office 365 in Japan
Microsoft, in an effort to strengthen Japan’s steadily growing cloud-based business market, now offers Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on locally hosted data centers in the country.

MetaMoji introduces live streaming service for class work
MetaMoji, the Japanese company that developed the group communication apps MetaMoji Note and MetaMoji Share, now introduces MetaMoji Share for Classroom. This new version features enhanced options that are optimized for live presence classes.

Toshiba develops driving assistant chip
In wake of the current trend of developing navigation systems for vehicles, Toshiba announces its development of its own driving assistant chip. The chip will aid vehicle drivers using image recognition, reproducing a 3D image of the objects detected within its effective scanning range.

Panasonic expands Let’s Note models eligible for battery exchange
Panasonic announces that it will be expanding the line up for old Let’s Note laptop models that are eligible for a battery pack exchange. The expanded list which includes the added models is available at the company’s official website.