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Thor 52 Review: Thunder Strikes With Marvel Heroes

One of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and originally drawn by Jack Kirby, Thor God of Thunder has been with us since his first appearance in Journey into Mystery back in 1962. Faced with the task of creating a hero stronger than the strongest person (DC’s comics Superman) Stan Lee decided to abandon human or alien origins and go straight for godhood. As readers were used to Greek or Roman based heroes he found his inspiration in Norse mythology. Hairy, always drunk and ready for a scrap vikings were perfect archetypes for this new hero. Thus Thor was born.

As with most heroes appearing in Marvel Heroes Online, a Diablo like hack- -and-slash game with Marvel hero skins comic and movies fans were not pleased with his in game version. At times powerful and others reduced to hit and run caster or fighter mage, wow shaman type Thor was considered to be one of the weakest characters the game has to offer. Similar to Punisher he was mostly played by grim dedicated fans determined to max him as much as possible. Some would reach an acceptable gameplay level with him but forums are full of those who just realized that this is not their God of Thunder and gave up on him or play him here and now for nostalgia value.

With the concept of 52 Reviews, many old heroes are finally getting their reworks and getting closer to the new awesome ones that are coming out all the time. 52 Reviews are hit and miss with players as they invalidate many dedicated old school hero builds and concepts but at the same time they give many new shiny toys and options.

Gazillion Entertainment member TheArtofRawr who worked on Thor’s review has introduced a list of changes,  while one of Thor’s supporters and buildmaker SolArmy already has a build for people that want to try the new Thor out.

Time will tell how this new Thor will be accepted by the players but since it has been cooking on test server for quite a while anything less than godlike is unacceptable.