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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review: Flawed Future

Wrap-Up: An Incomplete Package

At its core, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare feels like a lazy game that cashes in on its revamped multiplayer. The campaign could have been so much more, and it had so much potential, but ultimately failed to live up to its weight.

Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job, and the plot was predictable but interesting at the start, but the experience suffered from a swath of irksome and badly designed mechanics that hampered gameplay severely.

Sledgehammer had a chance to break the linear mold with something creative and distinct, and instead they’ve delivered a watered down product that’s just more of the same. The graphics are quite pristine and the in-game cutscenes are amazing examples of high-fidelity gaming, but often these polished environments will get in your way while fighting as well as serve as labyrinths to get lost in.

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Multiplayer is the only reason to pick this game up, and its a superlative example of what FPS matchmaking should be. The multiplayer is expansive and is the strongest point of the overall experience, providing a huge assortment of loadouts, killstreak specials, exo upgrades and more–all designed to buff the mode’s already frenetic in-your-face action.

If you’re looking for an engaging story that takes you on a journey into the future, you’re better off passing on this one.

As far as fine-tuned FPS mechanics go, stick with Destiny–say what you will about the game’s story (or lack thereof), Bungie has mastered their FPS craft, and the game serves as a stalwart example for what shooter games should be in terms of mechanics.

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