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The Problem With Digital Downloads on the Xbox One And PS4

Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) have a very big problem with digital downloading on their next-gen consoles.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One suffer from some of the most ill-designed handling of digital content in any generation of gaming, making what was once a convenient feature into a troublesome waiting game.

Instead of being straightforward and streamlined, downloading a full game on next-gen systems is awkward, clunky and utilizes some very nasty underhanded tactics. Often gamers are surprised mid-game by having their session interrupted because their download hasn’t finished, or spend hours upon hours staring at a barely moving progress bar on a home screen.

First let’s take a look at how the PlayStation 4 handles digital downloads.


Play as you download: Crutch or convenience?

Usually PS4 games will be bigger than Xbox One games — Dragon Age: Inquisition clocks in at 44.28 GB on PS4 and 41GB on Xbox One — and as we all know, a bigger game means more waiting. The sheer size of next-gen games like Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s 51GB’s is the main reason to stay away from digital, as you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting for the downloads to complete.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the same amount of money and then having to wait half a day to play your game.

It’s also important to remember that having an ultra-fast internet connection doesn’t always translate to super-fast downloads.

Digital games are hosted on Sony’s PlayStation Network servers, which control the maximum bandwidth — that is the transfer rates of the downloads themselves — capping your download speeds by default. So in essence your speed does come into play, but it can’t top the designated cap set by Sony’s servers.

In my experience the PlayStation Network is quite bad. The downloads have taken needlessly long –– Wolfenstein, for example, took most of a day and a night to complete — and it’s something that will vary from person-to-person, but all-in-all Sony doesn’t have a very optimized network environment.


The main problem with the PS4’s digital downloads isn’t the speeds, however: it’s the play-as-you-download feature.

Play-as-you-download was meant to be a huge innovation for digital gamers. But as we’ve seen in the past, Sony’s big ideas are often handled badly in terms of actual execution, and this is certain the case here. The big frustration is that the PS4 only shows you the minimum required download to play as soon as possible–in other words, it shows you how little you need to download in order to jump right in the game.

But it doesn’t tell you the actual full download size.

Instead of being upfront and just informing gamers that there’s about 40GB left to go, it lets you jump right in and start playing. Little do you know that you only have about 10% or so of the game on your console; it tricks you into thinking the full game is ready to go.

Shortly enough you’ll be met with an error prompt that interrupts your game by informing you that the game isn’t done downloading. Huh. So you check the Notifications–> Downloads section, but there’s nothing there.


This is where things get really underhanded. You actually have to navigate to the main PS4 menu and check Settings –> Application Saved Data Management –> and then check the game in the listing. Only then will you see what you’ve actually downloaded.

So not only does the PS4 make you believe you’ve got the full game by letting you play, but it doesn’t even tell you how much you’ve downloaded. You have to prod through menus and search in tedious trial-and-error methods just to get the information you want.

Why can’t the PS4 just tell you both the play-as-you-download install as well as the full game install? Why do gamers have to jump through hoops? Oddly enough the new system update patches haven’t addressed this at all, and it still is a sort of “hidden” feature that irks gamers.

The physical install speeds are incredibly fast. You only need to stick the disc in and you’ll be playing in no less than 3 minutes or so — sometimes it takes as little as one minute — with the full game zipped right onto your hard-drive. No hassle, no mess, just gaming.

  • Pigskin

    Upgrade your internet speed from your ISP. Games take less than 2 hours to download. The wait can also be offset by utilizing the pre-download option. As soon as you place the preorder, the game downloads up to 99%. Then at 12:01 on the release day, the final % drops in and you’re playing.

  • coip

    There is a ton of misinformation here. First of all, the Day One patch on Halo: MCC was 15GB, not 20GB. Second of all, the entire point of download and install times is moot because they happen automatically in the background, even if your console is in sleep mode, for already installed or purchased games and apps. For new games and apps, you can purchase them from any device with SmartGlass and it will begin downloading and installing the game or app on your home Xbox One immediately.

  • It should be about the games

    I’ve heard that using an external HDD speeds up the process quite substantially. If that’s true then it would be the internal HDD’s read/write speeds that are bogging down the process. I’ve also heard it said that playing another game while downloading/installing another can also speed up the process. Haven’t tried either so can’t confirm it.

  • Tyralun

    Okay, this article is crap. First, you need to install the game whether you use disc or not, and the play as you install feature is for download and disc installs. Your only problem here is your internet speed. Your complaining about a one time problem of trying to play while the game is initially installing. It’s not like your streaming the game all the time, set it up overnight and you’re good to play the game forever after no problems.

    Second, with digital you don’t need to swap discs.

    Third, get a friend or family member to home share with you so every digital game they have you have and vice versa, you get two digital licenses to play games. Every digital purchase shared between the two of us means everything, even brand new games, are 50% off.

    Screw the disc.

    • Sybnios

      What an ignorant and childish answer. People like you give developers and companies like Sony and Microsoft the green button to continue disrespecting us. First of all you are paying for broken services, broken games, day one dlc’s that were supposed to be included in the game season passes and you are happy? I have to pay 60$ for a digital broken game most of the times which I cannot trade/sell when I am done with the game for what reason? The gain from boxes, manual and discs shouldn’t lower the price of digital games? Or we still have to pay the same amount for their not working servers? Digital direction in gaming has only flaws regardless the internet speed. Mine is a fine 110Mbps..

      This generation of gaming consoles is the WORSE by far. Try to respect yourself as a consumer and do something for that. Its not only playing video games. I am a gamer since 1989 and a collector but I am conscious person as well.

  • NoNeedToArgue

    *sigh*..where do we begin.

    “The sheer size of next-gen games like Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s 51GB’s is the main reason to stay away from digital, as you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting for the downloads to complete.” – every digital game has preload now if you decide you want it before release, if not, you’re CHOOSING to wait versus getting up and driving to the store.

    “In my experience the PlayStation Network is quite bad. The downloads have taken needlessly long” – and in mine they are just fine. they have been excessively short. so this is moot. it’s your personal issue. not all PS4 owners.

    “Instead of being upfront and just informing gamers that there’s about 40GB left to go, it lets you jump right in and start playing. Little do you know that you only have about 10% or so of the game on your console; it tricks you into thinking the full game is ready to go. Shortly enough you’ll be met with an error prompt that interrupts your game by informing you that the game isn’t done downloading. Huh. So you check the Notifications–> Downloads section, but there’s nothing there.” – or you could just hit the information button on the app and see the download progress. no one who reads what the feature is is tricked into anything.

    “This is where things get really underhanded. You actually have to navigate to the main PS4 menu and check Settings –> Application Saved Data Management –> and then check the game in the listing. Only then will you see what you’ve actually downloaded.” – again no. all you have to do is click information on the app

    “But in the case of one of the year’s most anticipated Xbox One exclusives, the online servers was hindered to a snail-crawl, throttling downloads at a merciless speed.

    “How can we expect it to fare when big-name games like Halo 5: Guardians come out? Will this happen again with further AAA exclusives? Will gamers have to bridge the cumbersome gap by taking the burdens of both the physical and digital realms?” – MS already stated there was an issue causing the downloads to be slowed. and again, there’s preload, which most people who decide on a digital purchase do. otherwise they again, choose to wait.

    This article just sounds like you’re complaining about how your downloads work. many others are enjoying a digital only or like myself, hybrid style of consumerism. Digital convenience beats disc with pre-load every time. if you decide days, weeks or months later that you want a game a quick drive to the store for the disc is an easy option. or you can utilize your time while doing something like being at work etc to have your digital game ready for you when you get home. So no, sticking with discs isn’t the 100% answer

  • jb227

    “Look at how they abandoned PlayStation Now, and how that turned out.”
    Ps Now hasn’t even been officially released yet, how could it already be abandoned? Considering the project is still in its beta phase, it could very likely end up being great, there have already been rumors about a subscription option being announced soon, likely at the Experience event at the top of December. It only makes sense that there will most likely be a Now subscription, or a catch-all subscription which includes PS+, PS Now & PS Vue for one price, and if that price is fairly reasonable & if PS1 & PS2 games are added to Now, there will be a very different story going on.

    As far as digital downloads, I only download indie titles w/ smaller file sizes, and purchase physically the AAA titles, that’s always worked well for me.

  • wickedtimelord

    This is the ultimate in suckage: the first couple of times this happened, I had absolutely no idea Sony did this. I spent days deleting and reinstalling, believing my copy was corrupted, before finally calling Sony support and being told what was going on. Unfortunately, even with 105 Mbps, it takes me two whole days to download a 40 GB game. The 5-6 GB that download first, allowing you to start the game, have tended to only actually include the first chapter or level, which is done in less than an hour on most games…then it’s on to two days (four days to download Dragon Age: Inquisition!) of waiting. Started the download Friday morning hoping to have a great weekend gaming session…? oh well, maybe you can play next weekend.

  • Stampede Blue

    Digital downloads are ef-ing awesome my friends!! I have about 32 games for my PlayStation 4 and every single one is a digital copy! I think of it this way… I always own the rights to the content and have the ability to re-download any of my games whenever I choose. Even if the item is no longer available for purchase in the PlayStation Store (Go to “Library” on the start screen and you can see all of your content downloads). I don’t have to worry about scratched disks. If my PlayStation is stolen (hypothetically) my game collection is safe. Best of all I don’t have to change disks every time i want to play a game. They are huge files so if you have a slow internet connection I wouldn’t recommend it. If your connection is less than 1MB per second than you better steer clear. Even thats a small amon

  • James

    Digital downloads are ef-ing awesome my friends!! I have about 32 games for my PlayStation 4 and every single one is a digital copy. I think of it this way… I always own the rights to the content and have the ability to re-download any of my games whenever I choose. Even if the item is no longer available for purchase in the PlayStation Store (Go to “Library” on the start screen and you can see all of your content downloads). I don’t have to worry about scratched disks. If my PlayStation is stolen (hypothetically) my game collection is safe. Best of all I don’t have to change disks every time i want to play a game. They are huge files so if you have a slow internet connection I wouldn’t recommend it. If your connection is less than 1MB (10 Mega Bits) per second than you better steer clear. Even thats a small amount. I get about 13MB (130 Mega Bits) per second from my Internet provider and Sony’s servers always push that speed to me no problem. I downloaded GTA V in less than 2 hours and its 52 GB…… You can even play games as they download. Most importantly, you have to install the games anyway. They take up a massive amount of space, I had to upgrade to 2TB and I can see that being filled up with no problem in the next 2-3 years. Hopefully then 4TB laptop HDDs will be cheap. This just my preference. I have nothing against physical copies, but I disagree with your assertion that they are cluttered, clunky, and frustrating.

  • Trevor cruz

    On the ps4, if you highlight the game that you are downloading in the home menu and press the options button and select “information”, it will tell you the download progress. Not that tedious…

  • derekisstupid

    Are you just plain stupid? You buy a digital game and expect 40 GB to be downloaded in 5 minutes? Of course it will take some time. Just buy the game and you will be able to play it tomorrow after work, is it that hard to think one day forward?

    I also don’t understand all these words about how can’t you play the game _you own_. Yes, you own it, you’ve paid your money for it, now you just have to wait a bit for it to get downloaded. You can download it infinite amount of times, on any XO/PS4 console, what’s the problem?

    I think the only problem here is that somebody just doesn’t get the point of digital purchases. I am actually happy that industry is shifting towards digital downloads, as it allows us to clean up our rooms, share games with friends easily, keep them forever and not be afraid for a disc to break.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      darekisstupid smokes mids

    • Okimdone

      Xbone and PS4 need to get on steam’s level. I downloaded Wolfenstien through steam in 1 hour. We don’t even have play as you download and we’ll still be on these games before you. Steam will actually max your download speed and let you control what gets downloaded first. But hell even with my 250+ game library on steam I don’t even notice updates happening, they’re done before I even start any games.

      • AllM4MmaLl

        This is a really funny comment steam or xbox live or whatever does not change the download of the game 40 g/bytes is 40 g/bytes thats it. Unless steam can magically boost your internet connection to a 10 g/byte speed which is impossible. lol.

        • Okimdone

          wha…what? the hell is g/bytes? Do you mean GigaByte? Incase you don’t understand I have a 200Mb/s (That’s MegaBits per second) and steam goes sooo much faster every time I’m downloading games. Meanwhile, a YEAR ago when this thread was going on, PS4 and Xbox One was only downloading at 1MB/s (MegaByte per second) which is 8Mb/s. That’s compared to steam downloading normally at 15-20MB/s (120Mb/s – 160 Mb/s). At this point of time I have notice an improvement in PS4 download speed at least as i downloaded Dark Souls 3 at 5 MB/s.

          • AllM4MmaLl

            Whatever !! I am glad your daddy got you a great internet connection.

          • Okimdone

            nah man my dad only has 100Mb/s, but if we want to just start talking like we know each other all of sudden i guess I’ll go with I’m sorry your internet sucks in Britain that the speed i have is something that would require rich parents…

          • Jacob Maiato

            lol this guy just completely gave up on arguing. And I can get about 8.1MB/s download on Steam.

          • AllM4MmaLl

            Sorry I really have much better things to do than argue with some nameless person on the internet I usually just state my opinions and that’s it whether you agree or not is your decision. Cheerio!!!!

      • Epleguy

        Indeed. Origin and Steam maxes out my connection. I get half the max speed on Xbox live.

  • Eric M Hodge

    You left out the fact that more often than not downloaded installation will just stop for no reason. With Assassin’s Creed: Unity, I started the download before I went to bed. When I woke up, we were at 9% and had the “installation stopped” message. A little annoyed, I started it again, and it stopped at 10%. It did this every percentage point for the remainder of the download. What the hell is the point?! FIX YOUR SYSTEM, MICROSOFT! Ahh, what do they care? They already have my 400 dollars, right?

  • yobu D

    well i have i problem here when i download dinasty warrior on ps4 which is the original size is 19.9 gb, it just download half of it 8.5gb and of course the download status is not completed and i can play it but the problem is how do i continue to download the rest of the file? because i can’t fully acces the game..please help sorry for the bad english

  • TallBearNC

    This is a very very poorly written article and the author clearly does not have the understanding of the capabilities of the PS four otherwise they would not have written such an article.

    First off, the digital download of any PlayStation four game is the exact same version as the disc game – there are no differences whatsoever. I have compared this for myself. The only differences is that if is a collectors edition of the game with special book’s figurines statues etc. you don’t get that, but you get the full size of the game with all features of a collectors addition – it’s just called a deluxe addition for digital. And believe me after you download 60 GB – that is the size of a full game as the PS four Blu-ray drive is capable of only holding 50 GB. So by going digital developers can actually not compress textures as much as they have to do cram them onto a Blu-ray drive

    First off the PlayStation fours hard drive can easily be replaced with a 2.5 TB drive with the same physical dimensions. That’s the current limitation as drives larger than that are full-size hard drives. However, even then you can get a special kit which runs a cable from the inside of your PS four to an external box that I can hold up to a 4 TB hard drive. So just space on the PS four is really not an issue

    The other issue I have with this article is they claim that the sizes of downloads are unrealistic to people with broadband Internet. Nowadays the average household has anywhere between 22 Mb per second and up to 100 Mb per second with the PSN limiting downloads to about 50 Mb per second.

    Here’s how the PS four actually works. If the game is 60 GB in size, the PS four will download 4 to 6 GB of the initial game. After that, it will continue to download the rest of the game in the background – even if you are not lying. All you have to do is leave PlayStation in sleep mode versus offload and it will finish downloading the product, for some people this may mean an hour or two, and for other people a day or two. Granted if you download the first few gigabytes and try to jump right into the game, depending on The speed of your Internet, your gameplay may be halted until more the game can be played. However if you always leave the PlayStation four in sleep mode this is a non-issue – unless you’re up at midnight trying to download and play day one digital with the slower Internet connection.

    And back to the hard drive, it is really easy to replace. As long as all of your saved games are stored on the cloud, and you don’t have any special pictures on the machine you can simply yanked out the old hard drive and plug in the new one – it’s plug-and-play very easy.

    Having a 2.5 TB hard drive has allowed me to have about 100 PlayStation PS four games currently installed on my PS four. My Internet connection is 112 Mb per second. So 60 GB game will finish downloading within a matter of hours. So I either go play another game whileit’s finishing, Play the actual game as it downloads because if you are downloading at the PlayStation network’s cap, you shouldn’t have an issue.

    Clearly this article was written by somebody who either has serious lack of knowledge of the PS four, or somebody has a serious bias against the PS four

    • TallBearNC

      The Xbox one might not let you replace the main hard drive with one so big, but you can use the Xbox ones USB 3.0 port to add a 4 TB hard drive, and then you could move all your games and apps there – well most of them,, And set the system to download all future games to this large external device

      So once again digital download is superior to having the disc – unless you have a very slow Internet connection – and by slow I mean under 10 Mb per second


      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about and anyone reading this comment should have stopped when you said digital and physical copies of games are the same. Yes, its the same exact game but we are talking about downloading speeds. When you buy physical the data is on the disc. The only thing you do with physical games is install them to your hard drive so the disc has no reason to spin which is why this whole install procees started. Microsoft started it because systems would be knocked over and the disc would get terribly scratched. Installing games also enhances the life of your system and discs because there is no need for the disc to spin. If you ACTUALLY compared this for yourself you would notice that physical copies let you play right away. A digital copy will never let you play right away because it is downloading every aspect of that game onto your harddrive. Its not like physical where the data is already on the disc.

  • Dennis Bauer

    or you could play another game while it is downloading?

  • Jacob Merritt

    Both the digital and physical suck. I’ve had to wait several hours to play every physical game I’ve purchased.

  • John Anderson

    Xbox One Screen-shots: Download SmartGlass on your phone. Say ‘xbox record that’ over the picture you want to take. View the video you just recorded on your xbox through SmartGlass… Then pause the video where you want the picture and screen shot with your phone…

    • snocown

      You can’t do that with the main UI only in games

  • the_boywonder

    I have like 3 or more digital version games for PS4 and I have no clue what the fuck this guy is going on about here, I just skimmed the article but what I read is definitely wrong, not sure where his experience is coming from, my downloads have always been fast and have never had any issues with my games. As far as playing while it downloads and issues with that, well not sure, never was that desperate to play the game, I just let it do it’s thing than played it, maybe that is why his downloads are slow haha if you play the damn game while it is trying to download your kinda pushing the console to do a lot all at once, don’t be an idiot, let the game download, I don’t think mine ever took more than an hour and than play the game.


    Ok, so everyone grilling the author of this article, saying he’s an idiot and dumb and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, try actually downloading a digital game, one that is 44 to 50 gigs large, and see who the stupid and dumb and unknowing one really is. At this very moment i am downloading the DIGITAL version of Battlefield Hardline on ps4. I purchased it at 7pm. It started downloading at 7:05. At around 9:30 i had 6 gigs officially downloaded. With these 6 gigs i was able to actually boot up the game. Once booted, i came to the main screen which gave me the option of playing the campaign or checking BH’s battlelog. It gave me a message stating that these were my only two options (no option of multiplayer) because the game was not fully downloaded. It had a percentage underneath these options stating that i had only 16% of the game downloaded. I said fine ill play the campaign. I only got past the prologue which is only about 7 minutes of gameplay, if that, because it was still downloading. Still not convinced? I buy all my games digitally. Take nba 2k15. I litterally only had the option to play and exhibition game for 9 straight hours because the game was still downloading. Madden 15, Gta V, Far Cry 4, The Last of Us and Dying Light i have purchased digitally and they all are like this. So before you make yourself look like and idiot, disputing the words, knowledge and credibility of a proffesional, do your own homework first.

    • Andrew

      i got hardline last night at about 6pm and i stopped the download and went to sleep at 12am so in 6 hours the game should be finished downloading right? wrong i’m at 27% and now today i started the download at 2:30 pm and its 7:40 now and i’m at 66% so in total 11 hours and 66% and my internet connection is very good so honestly i’m done buying games online from psn this is absolutely insane i want my money back, i’ve waited so long i don’t even want to play the game anymore i’m so pissed off they need to fix crap like this or compensate the people who’ve had to wait through insanely long downloads. i don’t understand how sony can think that download time is reasonable at all, i’m so f*cking pissed about it

      • Sadie

        took me 20 hours to download bloodborne AND I REGRET IT ..never going to buy a game from psn ..

      • Alpha Drew

        what was your up/down speeds?

        • Legend B

          well on psn its crap or crappier, one of the 2. Same game on X1 would of taken me 2 hours with 17mpbs down.

          • JRyman

            No, it wouldn’t, fanboy. On X1 it would’ve taken you the same amount of fucking time. I should know, I got both systems. Fanboys LOVE talking out of their asses a lot; verbal diarrhea must be your favorite pasttime.

    • Legend B

      you and andrew both got cheap ass internet…i can do 10 gigs an hour on my xbox one…its either ps4’s crappy service(yes its crappy compared to xbox live…i’ve had both and can honestly say) or you guys need to learn to port forward or quit being cheap and buy a $60-$70 internet package and watch those speeds double (if you know how to port forward).

      • Andrew

        i have one of the most expensive internet packages available, i’ve had my internet speed tested and i dont know the numbers because i don’t know anything about that but it’s very very good so it has to have something to do with psn

        • Legend B

          well then you’re right, because I too have one of the most expensive internet packages available except the Xbox live service has obviously got to be a ton faster because if it were that slow I wouldnt of already purchased over 40 digital games…ditch Playstation….they have no innovation and shoddy networking compared to the superior Microsoft company.

          • Ed Diaz

            Nope, I found nothing slow about Sony’s DL speed. Must be you guys.

          • kevin

            Your a troll

          • elnino

            youtube. com/crapgamerreviews

            This xbox moron says PS4 is trash and PSN downloads are slow…he’s telling people not to buy PS4.

          • kevin

            Well that guy is an idiot

          • Legend B

            lol i’m an idiot because you’re* too dumb to know the difference between your and you’re and also because you’re butthurt about Sony’s crappy p2p servers from the 90’s. Got it kid.

          • kevin

            Oh I’m sorry my phone auto corrected for some reason wise one. Let me ask you is it awesome being a Rhodes scholar

          • Legend B

            still trying to blame your* phone for your* ignorant word usage I see…let’s just forget the fact that you’ve never programmed “you’re” in your own spelling dictionary meaning YOU’VE never used you’re…but spin that off now..i’d like to see it…duhh my phone doesn’t let me put words in it lol durrr

          • kevin

            Dude my phones new and I’ve never messed with anything called spelling dictionary. Besides you’re a faceless troll whose life must suck to get so bent out of shape about something so little has one misspelled word. So my advice seek counseling maybe you’ll feel better.

          • Legend B

            dude you got 1000 excuses for your clueless brain its quite pathetic. Haha I love seeing the butthurt ooze though…you should put some cream on that problem of yours. Also it’s as* not… has one misspelled word. I’m thinking you’re in full fledged rage mode by now…you need a gf kid.

          • kevin

            I’m not raging my friends and I think the comments you leave are funny. I concede though you win it seems like you need it ciao

          • Harrison

            People these days who will fight over an apostrophe and an e sicken me. Get over it. Bottom line is that Sony’s network sucks compared to Microsoft’s network. The writer just seems like he is mad because he bought a game and has to wait for it to download. Why would you buy it digitally then? On top of that why don’t you pre order it on your respective store and download it a week before its released? Then you can play it at midnight and be the first one on even before people who bought a disc. This society makes me mad with their lack of patience and their need to be right over an apostrophe and an e. Grow up.

          • JRyman

            Both PSN and XBL are practically the same. Anyone saying otherwise is obviously full of shit. I got both a PS4 and Xbox One and they both take fucking forever with Digital Downloads.

            Anybody trying to smear shit about one network over the other is just some dumbass fanboy, congrats.

          • Fenderbender234

            LMAO fucking retard. I think you meant ‘IT’S quite pathetic’, which is also true about YOUR spelling mistakes after correcting so many of his. Get a life.

          • Legend B

            if im a “troll”, then you’re* a m0r0n

          • kevin

            Lol you showed me my phone auto corrected but you called me out. Do you feel better about yourself

          • Jacob Maiato

            You said you could get 10GB per hour while I can get 30GB or more on Steam with my current internet. PC masterrace lel

          • Legend B

            This was a discussion on XBOX dl speeds…dbag…nobody cares about what your custom pc can do…i have an $1900 pc that run circles around the xbox one and ps4 put together…and? You’re stuck missing out on good exclusives with your “durrr i only play my pc games” mentality.

          • snocown

            I’ve had both as well, LIVE beats PSN by miles, only thing better about PSN is that it’s players suck and are much easier to beat than the LIVE players that actually pose a challenge

            And I never thought of that, the download speeds must not be that bad on xbox if I have over 80 downloadable games purchased on my console digitally, but it would still be cool if they were faster

      • AllM4MmaLl

        sure buddy port forwarding is really going to help a pre set internet connection that has a data transfer cap set by the ISP you subscribe to unless you change the entire firmware it does not help, or you have access to there servers.


    • Epleguy

      No problem for me. I got 60Mbit/s

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    The problem is that it doesn’t give you the option to download the whole thing from the downloads screen on PS4… Some people have fast internet connections so playing as it downloads isn’t an issue. Others hit the wall of “yeah you can’t do this cuz the game is downloading”. Also some games won’t finish downloading unless the acutal game is running. Final Fantasy Type-0, being one of those, won’t download unless the game is running. Some games will run with bare minimum graphics until the full game is installed. Along with missing cut-scenes / audio / level design. Not all games you download do this, but when you have to let your PS4 sit on a title screen for 6+ hrs to download something… It’s frustrating… The author of this article is spot on and all who oppose the issue at hand are dumb faces….

    THAT’S RIGHT! … call tumblr… I called you all dumb faces!

  • Mark

    Their are two main reasons why I will purchase digital content only from here on out. The first reason is the actual size of the application(or Game) on a disc in comparison to being installed digitally. Relatively the same size. Of course the physically copy will be faster, from the hardware aspect, but is more susceptible to damage, theft, and loss versus a digital copy. I live in California a state of which that believes you should be taxed to breathe the air(in a way), so a $60 game just became $65-$68. I have found that digital content can be a money saver in that I don’t have to pay sales tax on a purchase. Think of it like this, for every games I buy I just saved myself $25-$30, the point is those numbers add up quick if your as much of an advent gamer as I am. My biggest concern for digital content is how well they own up to purchase content. I am in the process of upgrading my hard drive to a 1TB 7200 rpm HDD. I shouldn’t expect any issues re-installing or re-downloading those games as I have made a physical backup, and can access through the PSN website, but I digress, it wouldn’t be the first time Sony has f**ked me out of content that I LEGALLY purchased and was unable to re-download because I have to make a physical backup, and if attempt through the PSN then I’m alotted “X” amount of downloads. What should it matter how many times I can re-download the content so long as I am doing a fresh install of my PS4, and keep it to One System?

  • jaqicarruthers

    Hi – just downloaded COD – seemed to of downloaded immediately, however I now go play and it says “no disk” even though this was downloaded from the internet? Any ideas ?

    • AllM4MmaLl

      digital downloads are the biggest F**c**ry in modern gaming.

  • avvv

    When I am downloading GTA V update on my ps4 .it reaches 4.543 and put waiting to download and repeats and is stuck and when I pause,it repeats from 4.543 and then puts waiting to download and repeats all the time…..WHAT should I do???

  • Legend B

    what an whiney idiot of a writer…you act like you have to install the game before you play everyday…what a spinoff…yes the initial download/install takes a while but atleast on the xbox one you can play another one of your ALREADY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED GAMES WHILE YOU WAIT TO PLAY THE NEW ONE. Overall opinion the initial install/wait is well worth a)not having to get up and switch out disk when you feel like playing something different, b) you dont have to worry about damaging or losing your game like on disk and you can even make a backup copy of your downloaded games to store in a safe somewhere so you never have to worry about waiting to download/install that game again or if the game servers go down and you’re unable to download it again. All in all the writer seems butthurt he has slow internet…on the X1 I can download a full 40 gig game in about 4 hours, installed ready to play…you got cheap DSL internet or the cheap package from you’re ISP…its on YOU…your internet speed does make a difference, I recently updated to DOCSIS 3.0 modem and a new router and watched my download speeds double…learn to port forward m0ron.

    • snocown

      Bruh, not sure about the PS4 but I can tell you now that it doesn’t matter if a disc is scratched for the xbox one, I bought a few scratched discs online cuz the guy said they wouldn’t work for $5 a pop and they each worked like a charm since I downloaded them online rather than do the offline trick

  • Ed Diaz

    My god, I read the whole article minus the xbox section and found that I don’t agree with the author telling me to stick to physical. I downloaded all of Deatiny, The Last of Us and CoD AW all in one night. Your reasons are your own and definitely not mine.

  • Kurt Bratcher

    I downloaded LBP3 on the ps4 the day it came out because I thought I would be nice to actually use the feature. Its sooo slow. Then I played the disc on the same ps4 and it was like a totally new game. Ran a lot smoother. I’ve never downloaded another game on the ps4. Would that have something to do with my internet being slow?

    • Epleguy

      It doesn’t make a difference on game performance.

  • Eral Coil

    So I got an XBox One with a PS4 logo on it now?

  • Билли Харб

    Guys I have a question about digital copies, I have seen people complaining about the price of digital copies compared to physical, here where I live it’s different, the digital copy is much more cheaper than buying a disc, and the download speed is really fast, I own a couple of physical and digital copies, the question is, is it safe? If my psn account gets hacked 1 day, what will happen to my games? Yes it’s on the hard drive I know, but is there any way that you might actually lose them or not be able to play?

    • TEmpo

      Nope you’re not going to lose your games

    • snocown

      You’ll only lose them if you get banned


    I just “downloaded” Guilty Gear Xrd and start playing it in practice mode, but when i jumped to story mode i coudn’t play because the game wasn’t fully instaled… –‘
    I’m still waiting for it to instal completely, i hope it goes well, it really is a fuckery..

  • Blake

    Currently downloading halo 5, and its been going for 4 hours and Im only on 14%. Not to mention, my internet gets 150 MB download speed…. So yea, its a problem

    • AllM4MmaLl

      Its funny how people claim they have god like internet when the highest possible speed anywhere does get much higher than 1 gb per second.

      • Okimdone

        lol when does he say he has god like internet speed.

      • Jacob Maiato

        I can get 8MB/s on Steam and I don’t even have crazy internet speeds. And 150MB/s is not even close to 1GB/s so i don’t even know why you said that.

  • Savage Acee

    if you have shitty internet then yes you will wait a day. I can download huge games I 30mins. don’t like to wait jus get better speed.

  • the HI Life 8o8

    NIGG*S TALK MORE DEN *ITCHES THESE DAYS – DRAKE.. ya’ll messed up, this place is to find solutions to the gamer world, haters sound like they got hater syndrome and you see them in the games as the loud motha f’rs who aint got no skill but all mouth, keep ya mouth in the game and out of forums where we need answers… fool!

  • Alan Esoteric Corns

    Bug in system.? My download SIZE is actually bigger then what i am actually downloading. For instance i download a game that states its 5GB in size,yet when i download it the download size is ALWAYS 40GB. what the hell is going on. this is every time i download any game of any size on my new XBOX one s. Any help would be really cool. Thank you.

  • Akatsuki Ousawa

    i dunno whats wrong with my x1, anytime i try and download anything digital including updates it will go fine for about 1 gig worth then it just freezes. i had to hard reset my x1 20 times to just get the last 20 gb of data for a game i was installing. I have tried clearing all my cache’s and i have tried hard reset with power unplugged and other cords unplugged. i have tried google and it doesn’t seem anyone else has this particular problem like mine.

  • Matthew Edwards

    I don’t know about any of you idiots but I just downloaded metro exodus in about an hour. Its because youre all stupid and doing stuff while it is downloading. just let it download don’t watch Netflix on it don’t play another game while youre waiting just let it download. Have some patience. Jesus. Oh and RDR2 took about 2 hours for over 100 GB.