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Tesoro To Showcase The Excalibur RGB At DreamHack 2014

Attendees at this year’s DreamHack 2014 event will be able to try out Tesoro’s latest hardware, including the Excalibur RGB mechanical keyboard, Tizona customizable keyboard, Kuven Pro virtual surround sound headset and the Virtus Pro gaming surface. The vendor will also be conducting giveaways and raffles during the course of the event.

DreamHack 2014 is being held from November 27 to November 30 in Sweden, and will feature several tournaments in major genres like FPS, duel FPS, racing, fighting, sports, music and strategy. Attendees can also get discounts on merchandise through the event’s official store.

Tesoro’s involvement in the proceedings is to drum up interest in the brand, which has a strong lineup of products. The vendor is a relative newcomer in this field, having been established in 2011, but its devices are starting to gain traction among enthusiast users.

Kuven Pro is a great product targeted at gamers looking to get a 5.1 surround sound headset for under $100, and is similar in design to the Kuven Devil A1. The Excalibur RGB is also looking to be a great offering in the gaming keyboard segment, and although it may not offer as many features as Corsair’s K70, it is significantly more affordable at $119 to Corsair’s $169. The keyboard allows users to choose between Cherry’s Blue, Brown, Red and Black switches, and has user-adjustable lighting, per-key illumination along with gaming-oriented features like n-key rollover.