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Nadav Dakner on Content Marketing, 'Death of PageRank' and Startups Living on Borrowed Time

Startup companies often live on “borrowed time,” says Israeli entrepreneur Nadav Dakner. As founder and CEO at InboundJunction, a team that consults on PR and content strategy for reputable brands, Dakner has experienced having to deal with major externalities that have affected his business, including the on-and-off Israel-Palestine conflict, as well as the ever-changing policies and algorithms of search companies. He recalls almost being drafted for two- to three-week military service right in the middle of doing important work.

One takeaway from our interview is that entrepreneurs and startup founders will need to adjust to any eventuality, so that one can act accordingly and make informed decisions. “In Israel, we tend to feel that the whole country is always on borrowed time so we try to be very productive and really ‘get out there,'” he tells VR World.  “This situation results in businesses innovating ourselves every day all over again. We have to be very creative and professional to survive as a successful business.” As a result, Dakner says his business has evolved, with focus on quality.

Among his more interesting revelations is how he has experienced religious extremism firsthand, and how this could adversely affect any business. That had been a “wake up call” and Dakner says he has learned to strike a balance between being selective with trust and freely delegating tasks to focus on the bigger strategy at hand.

In the end he says competition is actually good, because it means your product or service is relevant. And the best way to scale? Find good talent and know whom to trust.

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