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Gigabyte Introduces Force H1 Gaming Headphones

Gigabyte (TPE: 2376)  offered online gamers a new toy on Dec. 1 as it introduced the Force H1 wireless gaming headphones, which was designed for mobile gaming and entertainment.

With Bluetooth 3.0 technology, Force H1 provides hassle-free, wireless mobility for gaming enthusiasts who long for experiencing high-fidelity sound quality while playing their favorite games.

Today’s mobile gamers acquired much enhanced audio performances for their headsets, now that the mobile game content is rapidly getting more sophisticated, Gigabyte said. The Force H1 is specifically tuned to offer a comprehensive mobile gaming experience and delivering the optimized multi-dimensional comfort in sound, wear and control for mobile gamers.

The new headphones’ on-ear design padded with ultra-soft ear cushions would block all outside noise, while the built-in 40mm gold-plated driver creates rich and clear all-around stereo quality, allowing gamers to get immersed in their favorite games anytime and anywhere, Gigabyte said.

The new headphones’ lightweight design with the unique hexagonal structure evenly distributes contact pressure to ensure wearing comfort, especially for long gaming or jam sessions. The swiveling ear pad with memory foam wrapped in breathable leather offers superior ergonomic fit to add extra comfort, while the stainless steel reinforcement provides both durability and flexibility for the optimized fit.

Gigabyte said that the new headset is also good for listening to music, watching videos or movies or communicating on mobile devices. The integrated volume, call answering and playlist controls on the ear cup bring users with easy and intuitive control navigated by touch. Meanwhile, its battery is good for 10-hour of uninterrupted wireless playtime and up to 300 hours in standby with micro USB charging on the side.

Force H1 can be folded and stored in the supplied durable case, which was also designed for commuting or long-distance travels, Gigabyte said.