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Cross-strait News Daily Round-up for Dec. 3

HTC plans to enter lower-end 4G phone market in 2015

HTC (TPE: 2498) said on Dec. 2 that the company is preparing to manufacture lower-end 4G LTE-enabled phones as the segment gains popularity in Taiwan.

HTC Desire 620 is now the cheapest 4G phone which costs US$225 each, while the company intends to launch new 4G phones with a lower price tag in 2015.

“The segment accounts for some volume in the overall market, and HTC will not be absent from it,” said Jack Tong (董俊良), president for HTC North Asia.

Tong, however, declined to give a specific timetable or actual pricing for the upcoming low-cost 4G phones.

IDC, tech research firm, said in a Nov. 27 report that Taiwan’s smartphone shipments for the third quarter hit a record high of 2.45 million units on the back of the launch of Apple’s two new iPhone models as well as strong demand for mid-range models from other brands.

Local business urges the government to keep Duh Tyzz-jiun in his office after the Cabinet reshuffle

Lin Por-fong (林伯豐), chairman for the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce , Taiwan, said on Dec. 3 that Minister of Economic Affairs Duh Tyzz-jiun (杜紫軍) should remain in his office after the Cabinet reshuffle.

“Duh is very well acquainted with Taiwan’s industrial development, and his departure would be a loss for the country,” Lin said.

On behalf of the association’s members, Lin described Duh as a “decent person” and experienced official.

Duh, along with Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) and other ministers, resigned after the Kuomintang’s (KMT) being defeated during the elections on Nov. 29. Duh said that he will not return to the post even if nominated by the new premier.

Duh took oath of his office four months ago, when then-minister Chang Chia-juch (張家祝) resigned over the gas blasts in Kaohsiung on July 31, which was an accident that killed 30 people.

Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo will succeed the premier’s office

Taiwan’s Presidential Office confirmed on Dec. 3 that Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo (毛治國) will take oath of office on Dec. 4 and become Taiwan’s new premier.

Mao’s new job came from Jiang Yi-huah’s (江宜樺) stepping down after the Kuomintang’s being trounced during last Saturday’s elections. Mao will be President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) last premier before his presidential term ends in 2016 if there are not other surprises.

An anonymous source said that Mao does not plan to carry out any major reshuffle for the Cabinet at this moment, while most ministers will be kept in their offices.