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Firefox to Make Its Way to iOS?

Firefox fans will soon be able to use their favorite browser on iOS, if a report holds true.

According to TechCrunch , Mozilla’s Jonathan Nightingale, the company’s VP of Firefox, said at a closed-door meeting that his organization plans to “be where are users our” and develop the browser for Apple’s OS.

“So we’re going to get Firefox on iOS,” he said.

Nightingale later tweeted out his comments which appears to confirm the report.

When Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) famously opened iOS to browser choice a few years ago, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) was quick to port over its Chrome browser. Mozilla’s Firefox was the odd man out as Apple did not allow developers to use third-party browser engines, which is something that Mozilla did not agree with.

Apple insists that third-party browsers use Apple’s JavaScript and rendering engines. Opera bypasses both of these requirements by rendering the webpage on a server before sending it back to the device.

If Mozilla insists on using its own engine and backend, it’s not likely that Apple will allow Firefox on iOS without an uncharacteristic caveat. It’s up to Mozilla to drop these requirements, or for Apple to change its requirements.