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Dead Island: Epidemic Enters Open Beta

Deep Silver’s  zombie infestation themed hack & slash action arena game Dead Island: Epidemic is now officialy in Open Beta. People that love zombies, co-operative and team based games can enjoy the game free of charge on steam while at the same time help devs flesh out their project.

Dead Island: Epidemic adds a competitive coop multiplayer element to Dead Island game setting back from 2011. Along with this we can expect two more games.

Dead Island 2 will be a direct sequel that focuses on first person melee combat and offers classic rpg elements like looting, crafting and character development. Along with Dead Island 2 there are plans to release ESCAPE Dead Island, a third person survival myster that offers deeper insight into the story and explains how the zombie outbreak came to be.




Open Beta version of Dead Island: Epidemic comes with a major content update to the previous client version.

Crossroads is a new PvE-Mode aimed at both newcomers and beta veterans that brings more gameplay variation, replayability value and additional challenge.

There are no more individual character levels as these have been removed to make way for a global character level and unlocks that are recieved simultaneously by all characters that players have.

Crafting has recieved a major overhaul removing weapon leveling and workbench levels and adding a loot based weapon modification system. Completing matches can now award players with weapon modifications that come in common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary rarity values.

New unique passive abilities possessed by every character have replaced character weapon expertise.

Loot system has also been reworked with a smarter drop system that is supposed to reduce randomness and offer better rewards.

At the moment the game has two gameplay modes. Crossroads, a 4 player based PvE mode is a classic cooperative survival experience seen in other games while Scavenger PvP mode pits 12 players divided into 3 teams consisting of players and zombies in a desperate fight for loot, supplies and their own skin.