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Rakuten Award, Cisco Telepresence, Mitsubishi Factory: The Headlines in Tokyo for Dec. 5

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for Dec. 5, 2014.

Rakuten and Rakuten Edy receives an IT award

Japanese electronic commerce and internet company Rakuten, along with its web money service Rakuten Edy, has been awarded the Information Technology Award by the Japan Institute of Information Technology.

The Information Technology Award is an award given annually to outstanding and exceptional business, organizational, and individual achievements within Japan’s IT sector. The award given to Rakuten in particular was given due to the company’s excellent performance in combining management and technology to achieve better and more progressive IT services.

The “Rakuten Kiredonabi” (Elegant-degree navigator) service, an easy-to-use body monitoring service (which was co-developed by Toshiba) was particularly mentioned as one of Rakuten’s most recent innovations in the industry.

Cisco to offer enhanced telepresence services in Japan

Cisco Systems introduces its new telepresence system, the Cisco TelePresence IX5000, in Japan. Availability is slated to start this early December, though prices are yet to be revealed.

The Cisco TelePresence IX5000 is basically a set of three 70-inch LCD screens, which are set up to stream live 1080p (60fps) video from a designated remote location. Each of the screens will display video feed from three separate 4K HD cameras, with the entire setup encircling a meeting or conference rooms as if both parties are in the same table. The basic IX5000 package is designed to hold six people, while the upgraded IX5200 will allow up to 18 people in a single meeting room.

Mitsubishi plans to build rolling stock factory in India

Mitsubishi subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric has just initiated a project to build an equipment manufacturing facility for trains and other rolling stock in India, with the objective to expand rail transport systems in the country.

The announcement was made yesterday, with Bangalore city, in the Indian state of Karnataka, as the designated location. While the factory would primarily manufacture electrical equipment, the company stated that it would also focus on reinforcing the development of subways, industrial railways, and other related infrastructure within the country.

The construction project for the facility has an estimated cost of about $7.5 million, and Mitsubishi expects it to be in operation around the end of 2015.